Aim high, Soar high

Yeah i dunno what to put for the title so I think its fitting that u guys/gals can put watever u like.[edit: if u read on, u’ll understand why the title is like that.]

Wow. First word in my head. Wow to how long i haven’t updated this blog of mine haha. Man seriously its been that long huh. Actually these few months have been pretty uneventful in a way. Okay maybe not that uneventful. Loads of stuff happened.

Got a new laptop. Dell Inspiron 14R.Got the blue colour instead. Should’ve gone for the red one. red car, red bag, blue laptop…. =.=”

Thomas Cup was over and just as I and millions of other malaysians predicted, Malaysia lost. BIG SHOCK according to our sports minister. He was shocked that China was good. WTF. China has been mopping malaysia’s ass on the court for since i can remember. Dumbass minister.

Which reminds me. Racial tensions. Yeap. Every year something like this happens. Some minister from somewhere will always forgot to bring his speech or points, from which his secretary spent the whole night writing so that he wouldn’t fuck it all up but eventually did. (nice job) And bcoz of that he has to say watever that is in his mind. BIG MISTAKE. Malay fella kutuk chinese, chinese fella kutuk malay. And here we go again. Malay fellas will use the chinese = immigrant card whereas the chinese use the if it weren’t for us u wouldn’t be living so comfortably card and bla bla bla. But we’re not here to talk about it so let’s stop it there. PS dear ISA. If ur reading this I seriously totally honestly put that statement as a joke and I do not mean any disrespect to whatever races in the country. Pls note also that the omission of the indians from the statement do not support the fact that I am an anti-indian fellow as well.

Everybody graduated. yeah most of em anyways. Some already working. Some still studying. Some still dunno what to do. And as much as it pains me to say it, Some are on Holiday (nooooooooo………. )Which reminds me. the last weeks of April was one of the worst in my life. There was this one week where my entire batch went to pulau perhentian. leaving me alone in the hangars. Now there is a reason that i didnt join them. I got screwed over by my training school. Here’s what happened.

I made plans with my colleagues from another batch. Was planning to go to Phuket. Just as we were about to book our flights and finalize everything. One of my colleagues received a call. Training school has decided to schedule them for a class. And SO COINCIDENTALLY BY SOME DIVINE INTERVENTION OR MIRACLE, They were scheduled to have class on our holiday period. Bloody hell when planning, we ask them got class or not? got class or not? they say no no no. go check timetable. timetable got write anything? no right? then dont have lor… !@#$%^&*() By the time they told us we couldn’t go. My pulau perhentian mates had already set everything up. And unfortunately the flight tickets were already gone.

Feeling down, I thought to myself. Nvm la at least can do oral. So i canceled my leave which i applied for an opt to do some oral-ing. This time i was screwed by the other training school. Assessor went for holiday. Shyt. Everytime the word holiday surfaces, something horrible happens.

So no oral. No holiday. No batch mates to work with. Loneliness follows. Now if u guys have probably read from my pencil case’s keychain, it wrote May fear being alone. And sadly its true. To those who never read my keychain well u have now. Haih. I’ll be honest to everyone. Im not exactly sociable. I mean i try too hard and I always say the wrong things. My mouth opens. The word comes out then the head deciphers it. By then GAME OVER.  The opposite person lost interest in u, doesnt bother and doesnt care. Maybe thats why i like to write. I mean if i make any mistake i get to just highlight it and hit backspace. Of course i tend to ramble a lot and deviate from one thing to another but its how my mind works.

My mind is like this. everytime I think of something i’ll do it. then something else comes up and the old memory is wiped clean. So now u know everytime im thinking of something awesome, something lame comes and fucks it all up. either that or I call it rambling. speaking of which.




okay i cant find the damn video on youtube. Guess ill break it down to u. In this scene of the simpsons, their finale of season 21, Moe joins the american idol judge panel and when it came to ellen’s turn. she begins rambling. So i guess i got the idea from there. Oh it was a funny episode anyway. If u’d like can ask from me.

Well gee what do ya know? loads of stuff did happen. And im not so stressed up anymore haha. I hope u all enjoyed reading this as I did typing it. I know its all words and no pictures but all great stories dont have pictures. IE: harry potter, lord of the rings. Oh wait they have motion pictures…


Yeah i know. Some blogger i turn out to be haha.

I mean its been 3 months since an update and what a hectic 3 months it has been.


Well during the month of january, many days were spent studying in classes and sweating off in the hangars, and i must say i enjoy my time there. No effin roll calls, no effin master parades, no effin nonsense anymore. Its either class or work. Oh and the occasional oral assessments which i dread. There was a highlight in this month. I used my first annual leave to go to Langkawi haha.

The last time i went to langkawi was like god knows how long ago. All i remember was an eagle and awana porto malai. Sadly those were the only 2 landmarks i can recall. But not this time around. The trip too langkawi was a welcome breath of fresh air. I mean i got to do what i love best and that is not studying!! We visited the popular spots, went island hopping, rented a car, and bought duty free chocolates and booze. It couldve been an awesome trip if not for the journey to go there and back. Shyt 4 hours of doing nothing. If thats not bad enough, on the way back for 4 hours we were listening to ne-yo songs coz apparently he was coming down to malaysia.


This was an awesome month. First of there’s the CNY celebrations. Then theres the non stop gorging of food. Then there was the PS3. Oh man a PS-effin-3.

Ive always wanted to get a PS3 but unfortunately there were many reasons why i didnt wanna get it.

1st thing is the price of the games. A PS3 game costs 100++ a piece. The more popular titles cost 100% more. Yeah after buying like wat 8-10 games, u wouldve saved enough money to buy another PS3. Nevertheless most games can be traded, or bought cheaply (2nd hand games) but the issue comes to play if u wanna play a new game. 2nd reason is the fact that some of the games which comes out on the market, are also available on the PC and we all know what that means. Alternative access for the financially handicapped people. or in laymen terms “arrrrr thy mates. tis the plank for ye!!”


Anyway moving back on track, CNY was probably the longest holiday ive ever had. 9 days wei…… Shyt its like semester break for me.Unlike everyone whos living a normal life.

On the first day we had lion dance over at my place. Then we gambled, laughed, took pictures, sweat, screamed and took angpaus. Money + holiday = perfect combination. This went on for the next few days minus the lion dance part.

February was also marred by a horrible horrible heatwave which struck malaysia. Everywhere is so bleepin hot. Why imagine me working inside an aircraft (turkey). Inside the aircraft itself is so hot and stuffy (im the stuffing). Now imagine the hangar, with its steel frame and metallic plates, yeah it looks like an oven isnt it. Yeah the sun acts like the heat, the hangar as an oven and im the stuffing in the big turkey for thanksgiving.


Its the third month of the year and ive been a pretty lazy ass so far. Im way off in my OJT (on job training) schedule. Im far behind from completing my assessment task cards, and im even further behind from my oral assessment. Guess i need something to motivate me, u know to get back in shape. like one of those rocky movies. yeah they always cheer me up.

Anyway my wake up call came in the form of my bro’s SPM results. He didnt do well, so i spent the remainder of the day to comfort and advise my bro. And it made me realise one thing.

It made me realise that. Shyt! Deja vu. That was what happened to me, myself 4 years ago. Now i realise i gotta be hardworking again and start revising stuff. hydraulics, ATA chapters, and all those systems should be at my fingertips. I gotta take the initiative again and not depend on others anymore. If not it’ll be me in my bro’s shoes again. I once was in his position and now he’s repeating it and it showed me that history is repeating itself. Im not going to let it happen again and im going to change starting from…..

well next week perhaps? haha

*there seems to be a problem with the image updating thingy on wordpress* will update soon but knowing me haha…

Okay fine its not the world’s greatest post i’ll admit to that. Things have been going up and down and i its still going down…


1.  Pass exams yay!!!!!!!!!!

2. No more ROLL CALLS!!! weeeeee

3. No more singing NEGARAKU UNDER THE HOT SUN!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaa

yes mates 3 years of suffering has ended and we enjoyed it M3TC way!…

Were at the roof of our training centre

its not me… but i like the view

another group shot

the planes we see everyday for the past 3 years

freshmen hahahhahaa

Yeah so I guess thats the first UP moment in my life. Then came the DOWN moment in my life.


1. Watched the most expensive movie in the world.

Yeah its the most expensive movie…. wanna know why?

2. I lost my phone in the cinema watching this movie. My handphone was small, my pants’ pockets were small and it just slipped out.


I missed that phone. It was responsive, it was fast, it could take pics in a sec, watch videos, and man it looks cool. The coolest flip phone in the market at its time. Anyway things looked gloomy at that time but now its all UP and running again


1. Started working in MAS. Even learned to embrace the 1 Malaysia spirit

actually it was nescafe tarik 1….

2. Got a new snazzy uniform too.

3. Went to malacca for lunch and dinner.

teeth rotting goodness mmm…

I still like the normal chicken rice though…

4. Went out wif my “FRIEND” went to watch princess and the frog. It was an okay movie…. not great but at least it beats enchanted….

*sixpence none the richer* SO KISS ME….

5. Finally had the meatballs in IKEA!! and it tasted great.. too bad I had to share it hmmph!!…. haha if she were to read this im dead…



And it all came crashing down ever since……

1. Bought tickets for Storm Warriors. Had to forfeit it (burn Rm11) coz mom was pretty mad at me for obvious reasons. (coming back late from another state + not informing parents = very very very bad idea if ur parents are mine…)

imagine all of this but via the handphone.

the movie which i paid to not see…

2. Lost the coin (the cineleisure ticket) yeah i lost it. and it costs RM30…. fuck me……

3. Got word that ive been chosen for ATR type rating… I wanted a Boeing 737 or any jet engine aircraft.

will explain more in due time…

4. Spilled my lunch all over me and the floor of MHub. (place where I have my lunch)

Yeah things have been going down south really really fast. Hope it all changes for the better. Could really really use some good news


damnit my post gone… the live writer didnt post the post… crap

“In Chinese tradition, the fifteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is called Ghost Day and the seventh month in general is regarded as the Ghost Month (鬼月), in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm. During the Qingming Festival the living descendants pay homage to their ancestors and on Ghost Day, the deceased visit the living.

On the fifteenth day the realms of Heaven and Hell and the realm of the living are open and both Taoists and Buddhists would perform rituals to transmute and absolve the sufferings of the deceased. Intrinsic to the Ghost Month is ancestor worship, where traditionally the filial piety of descendants extends to their ancestors even after their deaths. Activities during the month would include preparing ritualistic food offerings, burning incense, and burning joss paper, a papier-mache form of material items such as clothes, gold and other fine goods for the visiting spirits of the ancestors. Elaborate meals would be served with empty seats for each of the deceased in the family treating the deceased as if they are still living. Ancestor worship is what distinguishes Qingming Festival from Ghost Festival because the latter includes paying respects to all deceased, including the same and younger generations, while the former only includes older generations. Other festivities may include, buying and releasing miniature paper boats and lanterns on water, which signifies giving directions to the lost ghosts and spirits of the ancestors and other deities.”


Yes Im a chinese and yes i did “celebrate” the ghost day or so to speak. so yeah we normally just burn joss papers, and paper mache of material items. so here are the pics.


02-09-09_1922 Dad starting the fire in the front of the house


02-09-09_1923 A close up on the offerings. Notice the small tit bits?



A zoomed out shot of it




“Hell/Heaven Notes”



Another close up of afterlife currency



And who sez u dont need money int he afterlife?



Damn man… 1,000,000,000,000…… hell/heaven dollars. Somebody struck a lottery man



Started burning at the back of the house



Somebody call 911……

hi how r u

Things have been pretty interesting (which would explain why im to darn lazy to update anything)


First up, been going out very VERY often late at night. Movies la, CCs, lepak, yum cha, or just for dinner. Normally would come back by 2-3am and ill be having classes at 9.30 in the morning haha. Dunno why, but suddenly I have the impulse to just say YES. Its like YES MAN. hahaha…..


Well i do regret feeling sleepy in class, I do admit, I had no regrets coming. We had loads of memorable memories. Near-death-accidents, funny and hilarious jokes, gossips, movies, and just simply mamak talk.


lately its the hungry ghost festival, so my parents kept on reminding me not to come back late. However, I dont feel like a party pooper and ended up lepaking till the wee hours of the morning. In the beginning, nothing happened. Then one day they started making noise and complaining…… Oh well it was fun while it lasted.


Next Ive been going out to the movies.




The Orphan

At first glance I thought this movie would be about paranormal shyt and stuff like that. Fortunately it wasnt. Honestly look at her, and the tagline, Its like a total paranormal ghost or devil or some unworldly being. The story is about a family where the mom was pregnant wif a 9 month old baby. Unfortunately the baby died. Feeling depressed and lost, she went on to adopt a new kid and boy did she picked the wrong girl. So the story focuses on the mom trying to solve the mystery surrounding Esther and how the mom tries to convince her husband that “theres something wrong with Esther”. Along the way Esther pops up and tries to throw her off course and makes her life a living hell.





1) Its a pixar movie. They never suck. Except a bugs life……

2) its very colourful, funny, interesting, touching, actiony, interesting, sad, nice and etc etc.




Now i expected this movie to totally suck. Man was I so very wrong haha. After transformers, many thought there wont be any other movie that could top it. And along comes GI JOE. Bad guy looks cool, good guys are not that far behind, action scenes were mind blasting, story was ok. There wasnt any draggy part like transformers. After optimus died, the movie sorta died wif him. And it dragged on and on till the last 20 minutes of the movie. In this movie there werent any boring parts and thats good.



Continuing on, results for our exams came out. english passsssss!!! wooohooo. I thought i was going to f*ck it up. Fortunately i didnt. Only 4 people in the whole college passed and fortunately im one of em.


Then theres my maintenance practise exam where they ask us bout crimping. I have never done it. My instructor never thought me and i wrote according to my common sense and i fking passed it. Man….. am i glad. as for now im 1 paper from graduation!!!!!!


Been going to the gym very often. Running, lifting light weights and watching my diet. Did lose a few kgs but…. man its tough. Losing weight is hell.


So i guess thats about it. There are other minor things which happened along the way during the whole month of augusts. Birthday parties, celebrations, stupid college stuff and etc. Oh ill update on that stupid college in a while soon.


U wont believe it. just when u thought my college couldnt get any dumber yet they seem to always prove me otherwise.

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