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So on the 3rd day, things got a little………. wet. haha. y? Coz we went to Hakone Kowakien Yunessun which is a hot spring spa resort and water amusement park.

This resort is divided into 2 parts. Spa resort and “Mori No Yu”. All i know is that Spa resort is for the public and WITH swimsuit. Mori No Yu is for WITHOUT swimsuit. Haha yeapz. with and without clothes. Fortunately i went to the WITH swimsuit one [I slapped myself silly for wasting the opportunity…….].  Anw here are the pictures….. size may vary… some use the rented phones, some use the camera.


The Resort…


I guess you could call it the main entrance.


main entrance with people.


 Poor snail…..


roman style bathtub.


water slides!!


This is a feet cleaning tub, used before the “fish treatment”


Yea… thats the idea. Fish eat dead cells in ur feet. And its kinda tingly….

Ok in this Yunessun, theres these cool baths such as….


coffee bath. [real coffee is added into the water from time to time]


green tea.


Everything in Japan is green tea. So i was like AGAIN???


red wine!! wow…


Sake or japanese rice wine.




The Dead sea, we could just float there.


had to zoom to get this….


guess how i got it….


so nice……

i was refering to the girls of course…..

Sorry no Mori No Yu pictures.

No camera……..


Exit time…


The squarrish cats are their mascot……

 Anyway after that we head on over to the Shinkansen or aka Bullet-Train.


It was a very very short ride. The train moves so damn bloody fast and its smooth, quiet and comfortable. Man the japanese lead a very very wonderful life….. fast and comfortable.


interior of the economy class…… theres private, reserved and non-reserved. Ours is non reserved (economy)


Tokyo Station.

Later that evening, we decided to head on over to Asakusa. A place where they sell their souveniers and shops in rows of shophouses like those in the olden days with a bit of modern touch.


Thats a big lantern.




Then we went to see Tokyo’s nightlife.



They were all jus standing there talkin and smoking. I thought there was gonna be an event since lots of people were there.


The great crossing of the people.



Well i wanted to take a break so here i posted something i got from my email. hope u enjoy it as much as i did. 

One Night 4 College Students Were Playing Till Late Night And Didn¡¦tStudy For The Test Which Was Scheduled For The Next Day.In the morning they thought of a plan. They made themselves look as
dirty and weird
with grease and dirt. They then went up to the Dean and said that they had gone out to a wedding last night and on their returnthe tyre of their car burst and they had to push the car all the way back and that they were in no condition to appear for the test. So the Dean said they can have the re-test after 3 days. They thanked him and said they will be ready by that time.

On the third day they appeared before the Dean. The Dean said that as
this was a Special Condition Test, All four were required to sit in
seperate classrooms for the test.
They all agreed as they had prepared well in the last 3 days.
The Test consisted of 2 questions with the total of 100 Marks.

Q.1. Your Name…………………….( 2 MARKS )
Q.2. Which tyre burst ?……………( 98 MARKS )

a) Front Left
b) Front Right

c) Back Left
d) Back Right …..!!!

True story from IIT Bombay …Batch 1992-96


punk’d big time……

The first day in Japan was nice. The weather was cold, the people were friendly, disciplined, the food is er…. unique, and the girlz are smoking hot. Damn fair (as white as snow), damn tall (y???????????????), damn pretty (drop dead gorgeous), damn cute (kawaii) and they are everywhere. A simple trip to the subway station and u will see loads of em. Wherever we go, they’ll be there. Ok so enough bout em. So well heres wat we did on the 2nd day in Japan.

1. We got up real early, to catch the bus to hakone, mt fuji. like er… 5.30am. and the sun was so bright like 8am here in malaysia. Had breakfast and stuffed myself silly of food so i could skip lunch. [Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, and supper are very very expensive. Around 1000 yen for a decent meal for a person, {100yen = Rm3. so 1000yen = RM30…)]


getting ready to go to Mt Fuji


The bus to Mt Fuji. (No idea whats written on it though…)


Okay that i know….

2. As we went on we saw some amazing views of tokyo.


Baseball…….. you dont see that around here…


Some girls playing tennis.


Their taxi signs. the cat or “lucky cat” represents the symbol of attracting money (in this case it meant more passengers)

 3. The bus trip was very very very boring and tiring. Fell asleep for a long while. The road was straight all the way till we reach the mt fuji stop. From there the slope is like Mt Akira from initial D. So that was very boring as well. Along the way there were this American who just wouldnt shut up. He was talkin about his life story. I admit some of the stories are well intriguing but i wanted to sleep and so i got annoyed. We reached Mt Fuji and the sight was a spectacle to behold. It was cold and windy, yet beautiful.


I sorta fell asleep in the bus, so i wanted to check whether my hair went bizzare or not.


 Pit stop half way to mt fuji.


taking videos of the girlz… woops i mean the beautiful scenery. yea lets go with that.


Pit stop.


Mt fuji. The clouds just had to come…..


Shyt i lost the money!!!!!!!!! haha jus kidding. Its cold up there. Genting Highland also lose man.


My turn to have my picture taken!!


lets make it 2.


Finally a panoramic view of the mountain.


Bento style lunch in a hotel (lunch stop).


It was halloween. And this guy is dressed as er… an evil porter.


Damnit i shouldve taken pictures with her instead.

5. So the trip to the mountain was further continued by a trip to the peak of the mountain. Guess how we went there. By sea and then by cable car!! Apparently the only way to get there was to go around the island to the opposite side of it and then using the cable car to go all the way to the top.


The boat.


My turn for a picture in the boat.


A nice view from the top of the boat. Just imagine those people arent there and you can see the wonders of nature’s beauty.


The panoramic view from the peak of mt fuji.

6. So after visiting the top of the mountain. We went over to our new hotel in Hakone. It was a nice place and cool. Since it was situated on top of a hill, it was cold.


yeah the hotel. The other pictures were blur….


Dinner. God knows whats written there.

7. Manage to go online to send emails and approve the comments and read my firendster’s birthday testimonials (thx guys and galz!) with slight difficulty…


Luckily i used the keyboard long enough to memorize the location of the characthers.


Me wearing a Yukata – japanese pyjamas.

So the day ended like that. Saw lots of nice views, especially girlz. Since we followed a tour so lots of sight seeing here and there. So not much interesting things happened. Nevertheless its still a sight to behold. O well be back for more soon….. Heres me signing off.

9th october 

So howya guys and galz doin?

Its been a really exhausting week for me.

1st was my birthday celebrations with Steph, Vic, Kev, Siong. (went for bbq and movie (RE:Extinction)) food was nice and movie was well could’ve been better. Fortunately it didnt suck that bad. Though certain parts of the movie was kinda different from what i remembered from the game.

Anw i would like to express my deepest apologies to u guys for losing the card. I am so deeply and very fking sorry man for the card. Shyt i was like Damn man daniel how could u????????????

October 10th

After class has ended i went back home immediately and got dressed and packing. So yea we went to the airport and this is it.


the 3 of us waiting…….. im the one wearing the brown shirt.


chocolates, chocolates, chocolates………..


swt? ewwwww…………………….


Just arrived in the airport waiting for the train….


1st visit to the tokyo metro lines.


1st meal in Japan: McPork???????


Prawn fillet…..


yea can u see the prawns????


refreshing mountain water.


me and the big man.


me and my bro.


Night life in Yokohama. Guess what time was it? It was oni 4.35pm……


1st nite in the hotel…

yeah so in the first day, we went and well look around yokohama at first. O well its getting late now, i gotta study soon, tests comin and man im bushed…. will update day by day by posting the pics in japan. Thx to everyone for viewing my blog.

WHY did i not sleep all the way to the afternoon. *with reference to the last post* o yeah coz METC has Saturday activities.

So i got my ass off the bed, got ready and head on to  METC. I arrived quite early, by 8.10 i was outside chit chatting with shakir, nabil, adi, “kacak” and izzuan. Then we went in when the felda boys came. So we went in. Then roll call time….. Well guess what it was roll call time, and some fellas dropped by late. They were detained and those who didnt come were being called to get their asses here. SO what do we “early” people do? Thats right we wait….. We wait and waited for half an hour in the morning sun. We were like “not again………….”

After that we went on to play games, indoor games, played checkers and carrom (shyt i had never sucked in carrom that badly, i dunno why, kept missing all the shots), checkers was a funny game.

Then after that, we watched Blades of Glory. Now if every saturday like this then i wont even complain. Free movie and games. Damn man this is what weekends are supposed to be used for. For fun and recreation. Of course it would be better if we didnt have METC saturday activities. Other than that the day turned out pretty good.

Thx to my bro finishing his PMR i finally got the chance to on my PS2 haha. God how i missed her. haha.

Owh yea MU woop Wigan 4-0 hahahaha.

So today, well today was supposed to be a wonderful laid back day.  But no, coz METC is different, something always happens, (which is kinda fortunate or else i wouldnt have anything to put in my blog hahaha).

So i got up early like 4am. I was sleeping throughout the entire afternoon and night. Now im feeling much better.  Slight flu and fever but im fine. So well i was bored, so i went downstairs to watch tv. Thx to Astro, now they decided that “owh lets make it more convenient for everyone. lets use 3 digits now” so yeah now astro uses 3 digits instead. So i still havent gotten the hang of finding my old favourites.

Guess what. Nothing. there was this one movie regarding a plane hitting with another plane in mid air, so the captain has to fight to save all the passengers.

The show did have its drawbacks though. The plane was begging to die (literally). When the cabin caught fire, the cabin crew was screaming to the captain to fire the extinguishers (which worked but didnt cover all the fire and she was screaming again and again saying its not working. note shes screaming and not doing anything). Then the passenger asked where is the fire extinguisher. She says its there and points to an overhead compartment above the passenger. The passenger uses the extinguisher and extinguishes the flame. So much for all that training.

Nowadays planes are sophisticated, and more advanced and can handle almost every single possible malfunctions out there. But well at least i learnt how to get the plane to descent if the elevators dont work.

Anw after the show, i was thinking, hey Resident evil extinction is comin out, so i better watch back resident evil apocalypse. Honestly speaking, i hate shows where they over exagerate their hero or heroine. In the 2nd movie, Alice was breaking zombies’ necks and blowing their heads off, she descended a few hundred feet of the building by running down, and doing all sorts of unhuman behaviour. But still ya know, it makes fake movies not fake. The first one was nice, a team goes in to find the T-virus and tried to contain it, everyone was vulnerable and well the story didnt suck that badly. They tried to stick to the game’s story and i must say, it was a nice Resident Evil movie. Too bad it was Alice and not Jill as the main characther. The 2nd movie revolves around Alice finding out about her past while opening a can of whoopass on the zombies. Thats all.

250px-evil2.jpg Alice, Resident evil (movie)

shinkiro_jill_valentine.jpg Jill Valentine, Resident Evil (video game)

1.jpg Alice Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse (movie)

180px-jill_valentine_resident_evil_3.jpg Jill Valentine Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (video game)

 siennaguilloryhips1ug.jpg Jill Valentine, resident evil 2: apocalypse (movie)

Im a fan of the resident evil franchise. Played em all, loved em all. So yeah i cant wait to see resident evil extinction. So yeah basically thats it, i spent the entire 3 hours watching tv.

Ok so the day did start rather smoothly. Got up early, went to METC early, avoided trouble and played pool with my colleague (using handphone haha). So what couldve gone wrong? I had to get sick at the end of the day………

It all started in the morning, i felt feverish and heaty inside of me. So i was sweating quite profusely, went to class and turned up the aircon.

In our first class, as soon as the instructor sat down, the fire alarm rang. So some of us left the class and proceded to the designated waiting area. As we were leaving, the alarm stop ringing, and some idiot told most of my classmates that it was a false alarm, so they all went back to class. Me and 5 other trainess from my class went down. False alarm or no, they shouldve gone down, so only 6 fellas from my class “survived” the fire. The rest “died”. So we were baking under the hot sun, listening to one of the instructors lecturing on fire safety.

Back in class, we turned up the aircon to cool us down and let me tell u this. It made my day. Ended up having sore throat and flu. 

sweat + cold = disaster   

Later when we were lining up, 1 of our colleagues went back before telling the clerk. So she asked around who was it that had left earlier. We gave the name and she asked us to call the person back. So we were like “Couldnt this wait till tomorrow?”. She was like “You know the rules. Everyone goes back at the same time together”. We were like “Well what if he aint comin back here.  Why are we being held back?”.  After a few long minutes standing in the evening sun, a few phone calls were made here and there (turns out he went back with his parents to somewhere and he couldnt come back. Yet she still held us back. We told her to settle with him tomorrow, why do it now? We were arguing with her and she wasnt even listening to our excuse, one by one the instructors were leaving. Then along came an instructor an he settled the problem, he said “Ill settle it with him tomorrow”, We were like OMFG thats what we’ve been trying to tell you!!!!!!!!), and finally we lined up at 5.15pm (class ended at 4.00, we roll called at 4.45).

Back at home, i got a surprise. Mom bought 2 cakes for me as a be-earlied bday celebrations. So my mood was actually lifted up. Sang, clapped, wished, ate, you know the drill. haha and well now im here sharing it with the people of the world.

Peace~ *pics to be added*

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