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So its been like what a month since i last updated this blog? Well there is a reason for it ya know haha. Anywayz ive just finished my on job training. We just go and work in the workshop for 3 weeks in order to build experience.

So for the first week i got sent to the hydraulic mineral workshop. OMG it was so boring there. Almost 80% of the time me and my partner would be stuck there staring at other people being bored like us. There was absolutely nothing to do other than listening to music and toying with the computer. When we do finally have some work, we can only observe it and just clean it. Dont get me wrong here i did learn a thing or two. But i kinda wished we had some real cool work to do other than fetching components from the testing workshop or vice versa. So yeah for the first week, i was stuck there. Oh and the best thing, other workshop has like wat 6-8 people in it. In my workshop, theres like 4 including me and my friend. And most of the time the other 2 fellas will be out of the workshop travelling here and there.

Onwards to the second week. This time we were sent to the aircraft safety workshop. Now this workshop is cool. We get to play with life vests, aircraft slides, seat belts and etc. It was in an aircon room and best of all there were lots of people! So anywayz, we all met loads of new people and made new friends.

Over there we learnt on how to fold back the aircraft and did some functional checks on our own. They even let us inflate the slideraft manually. Means we get to pull the chord and whoosh a slideraft. It inflates to its full capacity in 4-6 seconds. yeah imagine that huge slide in 4-6 seconds. It was kinda tiring there too since we actually did some work. but somehow for some reason, i always get flu since i was stationed there. Mustve been the carpet.

On the third and final week of the OJT, i was sent to the aircraft seat repair bay. Yeah from that day onward, i will never look down on those aircraft seats again. Our job? We help to disassemble the aircraft’s seat. ALL OF EM. So our aircraft was B747…. Jumbo Jet. 2nd biggest plane in the world. One nice thing though i finally got the feel in seating a business class and first class seat. So for the entire week we toiled thoroughout the whole day. Ripping apart plastic covers, unscrewing the screws, plugging out the wires, taking out the tray, removing bolts, nuts and etc. Throughout the process, we would get our hands dirty and not to mention injured. I had cuts all over my hands when ripping off the plastic covers. They used a very strong kind of glue which really holds the plastic covers. So peeling them off hurt especially when we lost grip of the plastic and it snaps back in our hands. All in all i liked this workshop. Coz i get to sit in the pilot seat. Haha. If only it didnt had to hurt my fingers.

So yeah 3 weeks of not blogging. Not to mention with the coming of my test this 2 weeks. Just finished one today. 3 more paper to go…….


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