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Great just great i had to reformat my computer. I was supposed to do it last time (a few months ago long….) but there were too many things and junk here. So i said wat the heck screw it. Then it came and bite me. My comp wouldnt stop hanging and crashing. I gave up and reformated it.

So yeah theres nothing in here. Clean and new pc. Well new memory for the pc. Kinda wish i could do that to my life as well, remove all the “weird’ parts in my life. All the embarassing moments, and all the stupid things ive done in my life. Hopefully upgrade the hardware as well haha.

So life has been normal so far. Everyone who went overseas came back (well some of em actually) More were peparing to leave for overseas which include Kunil, Dinesh and Kabi. Makes me kinda wish i could go overseas as well. Just wanna try it for a bit. Experience it. Unfortunately i screwed up my SPM to do so. So kids who are reading my blog, stay in school and study hard. Don wanna be like me.

Hmm lets see lets try and recap the month of February.

Chinese New Year:

ok so i lost all the pictures and now i have to re-upload the pictures and re-edit them to make them fit.  Other than that i did lose a small amount of money, then win them back the next day. Only to lose more the next day, and win even more the next day. All in all i lost…..

Valentines Day (Singles Awareness day):

The most dreaded day for every singles out there. Dont worry man/gal im one of u.

Manchester United 4 – Arsenal 0:

Very important highlight to all manchester united fans. WE CRUSHED ARSENAL

the scoreline says it all. Complete demolition. I had fun with the arsenal fans on Monday in class hahahaha. glory glory man united……..


I finally got my Playstation Portable. Imagine having a playstation whereever you go. Its a nice toy to show off to people around you. People will say “o.0 look at that a PSP!!” or “whoa a PSP”.


I normally dont drink. Even on special occasions but thx to everyone who pushed me so i drank. Well so far i didnt get drunk or anything. So thats a good thing. I guess i should really learn to say NO. But haha sometimes its kinda hard trying to not be a good and sporting guy. Only quite recently at one of my friends birthday, I had a shot. Came back home all red and got scolded for drinking. Okay seriously i am so out of drinking.

Backstreet boys concert:

Its on tomorrow and ive got tickets hahahha. I hope they sing the songs from the older albums. If not im screwed….


Its that time of the year. That time where you see shops close,  highways packed, prices drop and go through the roof at the same time, the time where red appears everywhere, the time where people scream for joy and for dissappointment, the time where people everywhere give money to everyone they meet, the time where lions and dragons roam. The time where the skies explode. What else could all this ominous yet auspicious series of events mean? 3 words…..


Haha its the year of the rat now and lots of pictures of mickey and minnie mouse are everywhere. So well wats so great about the rat? Well according to the chinese zodiac,

Rats (people born in the year of the rat) are:

1. the first animal in the chinese zodiac

   – which means they are leaders, pioneers and conquerors

2. Very hardworking

    – exactly like how a rat has to work hard to feed its family

3. very organized

    – did u guys watch ratatouille?

4. energetic, versatile and can find their way around obstacles

    – u dont see fat rats running around waiting to get crushed rite…

5. experience hardship

   – lets see Jerry has to fight with Tom, Ratatouille has to fight with everyone, Mickey is in war with Pete and Mortimer, and mice all over the world are being subjected to animal testings…..

Haha interesting no? Hmm ok lets summarize my new years.

2 days before the new years

Finally my PSP (playstation portable) is here!! haha i ordered it from my colleague who so happen to be buying it and i asked if the seller has another one. anyways heres a pic of it.





Okay pictures gotta wait. Need to look for my camera.

1 day before new year.

Guess what while everyone has holiday a week before the new year, i still have class on new year eve. Yeah thx a lot to METC and everyone who runs it. Well the very least and best thing we could possibly do was apply for a half-day-leave (Yeah we need to apply leave or else i would have to wait till 6…..) So me and Y left METC and just as i went out my colleague J called and asked if I would like to join them for lunch. And so i said yes. The venue was to be at Carefour.

So as usual i was the first one there waiting for them. Went inside carefour and went to the electronics section. I wanted to play the Nintendo Wii, or XBOX 360, or the Playstation there but noooooooooooooo they had to lock it. And by lock i meant by a keylock. Cheapskates….. Anyway had lunch wif my colleagues and off i went to get ready myself for the reunion dinner at my aunt’s place at Sg Long.

Got there, my aunt (very very young aunt brought her korean friend along. Her friend is part of the student exchange program and she got stuck wif my aunt. Shes in safe hands. Anyway talked to most of the cousins and uncles and nephews. Wishing everyone, HI, shook hands wif em u know all those normal stuff u do when u meet ur relatives. Its kinda sad though, on my mothers side, im the only guy around my age. All the other guys are like 4,5 years different and most of em are either married or still below the teenagers age. So my only teman were my aunts and female cousins. Theyre cool and all, except i wish they didnt have to ask me “Eh Daniel got girlfriend already or not…” plus most of the time they are together i try to eavesdrop and well lets say its girls stuff. So my only company were my young, lively, energetic, young, young, young little cousins who spend their time on the ps2. 

Well since on the first day the relatives come to my house for the new years, we had to leave early to clean up the house, and also to set the preparations for the new years prayers. My 2 little cousins followed back to continue playing ps2 at my place (they got stuck in a game and my bro decided to be the hero to save them. He finished the games on an uncountable number of times… Kids these days…)

That night i prayed, watched tv, and slept. I slept to soundly…..

3rd day to be continued…. (searching for pictures………….)

OMG!! i thought i posted it but then my internet just went poof. For a while i thought i needed to retype everything!! heaven smiles upon me!!

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