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So i guess this is where i wished Daniel Powter was here to sing the background song for this situation. So lets recap.

27th February

It was the backstreet boys concert. So well the audience were people my age who listened to them back in the 90s. Who could forget them? Hits like “Everybody”, “larger than life”, “the call” and “i want it that way” made their way to our radio waves and enchant us till today. (nowadays they are karaoke songs…)

So i went out with my colleagues to sunway to catch it. As usual the traffic jam was horrendous. Luckily getting to pyramid was ezier compared to last time. Last time we had to make a U-turn to go back to pyramid, nowadays we can just go straight from whichever way u come from.

So how was the concert? Hmm well it wasnt exactly that great. Particularly Malaysia is a hot country and the bsbs were sweating like pigs. They looked like they were taking a shower. Not to mention but it was a free standing area and we got lousy spots. Couldnt see them at all. All we could do was watch from the big screen. The show became worse when they performed 1 hour later than the official time. Okay but wat about the performance? (well it was the unbreakable tour so I wasnt exactly enchanted by the new songs) i liked the part where they sang their old songs but didnt exactly like their singles attempt and their new songs.

I guess u could say i wasted my money on it. Yeah, maybe if i hanged out with the right gang, it wouldnt be to bad though.

1st March

Anyway on this day we had to go to Ara for basketball activities and just as lady luck wouldve wanted it, it was raining. Heavily. I thought it would be canceled. So i waited there from 8 until 9. Then they said they will cancel if its still raining at 10. I was like wat the heck, ive been sitting there for 1 hour and now i gotta wait for another hour? We all got pissed and decided to go and chill at the nearby mamak till 10. Fortunately it was still raining and we went off to play pool.

After that game, i wanted to join steph for lunch when my cousin came and called me and asked if i could help him around pyramid. So i had no choice but to follow him. Then we watched a movie and i immediately head on to ss15 to join steph.

 When i reached there, it was pack. And i mean really packed. No computers were available. All i could do was stand and stare at the guys playing games. So without further ado i went home.

2nd March

Guess what my license expired and i couldnt go out!!!!! It was a very very boring day and all i could do was to sit around and eat, sleep and play. Until the gears of fate were set to motion.

There was a leak somewhere in the ceiling and well dad went and fix it. I tried to help, so i climbed up, and well wat goes up must come down right? So yeah i fell through the ceiling!!!!!!!!

I destroyed everything, the light, the table, the piggy bank and well some other things as well. It looked like 9/11 all over again.


yeah no idiot in the world would do that but me. Its actually pretty high up ya know.


there used to be a table there but now its snapped in 2. there was also a shelf next to the black table but fortunately i avoided it. or ill be really dead.

Yeah so its the first time i almost died. I fell down and it was the longest 5 seconds of my life. And ya know wat? all the time i was falling down, i could think of was “oh man dads gonna kill me” I know pretty ironic isnt it. And also when i hit the ground i was laughing coz i wasnt injured. Its like i cheated death and all i could do was laugh. Now that explains why all those action movie actors laugh when they jump off an exploding vehicle or building. So i escaped with no broken bones, no torn muscles. All i had were minor scratches, cuts and bruises.

…… but wait the bad news hasnt even ended yet!!!!!

3rd March

So guess what my license expired, dad wouldnt let me go out, so how did i get to work? I had to call for favours all over. I called one of my juniors for help (i used to pick him up for work)  and i had to asked J for help in sending me to JPJ and to fetch me home. (i also fetched him home last time) 

So we went on to JPJ during lunch time. We went to building A and well no one was there, so we went for lunch and then we went back to building A. We sat there like idiots till someone came and sat at the counter, we went forward and the lady told us we were at the wrong building and we had to go to building B which is right next to building A. We were like yeah great thx for informing us like now…… So we went to building B and it was packed. We were like damnit! So wat to do? we just sat and wait and wait. In the end i got my competent license and yeah the rest of the week i was driving….


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