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22nd May 2008 (Thursday)

The game was supposed to be held at 2.55am local time. So it was midnight and i decided to try and stay up late for the game. I got bored as there weren’t any good movies so i head to bed. Set up my alarm at 4am. And well fell asleep.




ZOOM!!!!! I got up and ran downstairs to watch the match. Upon exiting the room i heard the TV on and i suppose someone was over there. I headed there and saw. CHELSEA 1 – MANCHESTER UNITED 1. Great a draw at half time. I asked the other audience in the house beside me and this was what he said.  So basically this is the lowdown of the match before i came.


The Prestegious UEFA Champions league trophy


Ronaldo opens the match with a goal.


Lampard equalizes.


Along the way there were lots and lots and lots of misses from both teams. Manchester had the chance to go ahead by 3-4 goals if it weren’t for their keeper and solid defense line. In the second half it was chelsea’s chance to go agead by 3-4 goals if it weren’t for the post. If u guys/gals were there u wouldve seen and heard me screaming, cursing, swearing, trembling, shaking for the entire match.


In a final or semi-final or quarter-final game, if a game end with a draw after the full time (90 minutes) the game continues on with extra time (30 extra minutes) In the middle of the extra time period this happened.



Didier Drogba (4th person from the left) got sent off for slapping Manchester United’s player.


So chelsea continues on the match with 10 people but in the end its come to the dreaded penalties. (if the match is still undecided even after extra time, the game will go on to penalties. best of 5 wins. if even after 5 shootouts, the game is yet to be decided, the team which is the first to save the goal wins)


First few shots no problem. Both Manchester United and Chelsea scored their goals. Then came Cristiano Ronaldo (self proposed ace of MU) steps up and kicks the ball…..


straight into chelsea’s keeper direction. (some ace he turned out to be…..)


I was cursing, swearing, and jus devastated that Ronaldo of all people missed it. There goes the trophy. Practically gifted to Chelsea. Manchester United are down with chelsea leading the goals by 3-2. Then came the next most nail biting moment. score is now 4-4 with chelsea having the last and final kick of the penalty shootout. If Chelsea scores this, Chelsea would have won the Champions League trophy for the first time in their life. Guess who takes it? It was none other than the Chelsea’s captain, John Terry. Terry steps up and he….


Completely misses the goal and not to mention the keeper and the post. He sent the ball wide!!!! United are back in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apparently he “slipped” haha. Oh well tough luck. From being a horrible bitter moment it turns out to be a brief moment of joy and relief to the fans. Then United fought back to make the score 6-5. Chelsea needs to score this goal if not the trophy goes to Manchester United. And then came the ultimate moment Nicholas Anelka (chelsea’s striker) steps up to take the deciding penalty. Will it be a miss or a hit?????




I jumped from the seat and shouted “YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!” Haha. Then the messages came pouring in like “we’ve won!!!!!!” and “mwahahahhaahaaahhaha” Who would’ve thought. Football could be this beautiful. From ronaldo scoring the opening goal to missing the vital penalty to van der sar’s save. A moment of anguish turn to joy and vice versa to the chelsea fans.


United players ran across the field to hug/kiss/touch the goalkeeper, the hero, the saviour!!


Gary Neville (left) : Woohooo…. 2nd champions league trophy!!!

Ronaldo (right) : haha im tensai!!!!! (genius; like the hanamichi sakuragi)




Finally we have made it. Manchester United has reached the promised land yet again. Imagine that champions of england and now champions of europe. Then comes the best part of football. RUBBING IT TO THE NON-MANCHESTER UNITED FANS. “hey guys did u catch the game last night????” “mwahahahhaa” “LOL try again next year” “u were saying bout MU not winning anything???” haha 1 year of bragging rights. AWESOME……


For the remainder of the day i rubbed it in to my cousin (liverpool fan) mwahahah. At the end of the day he got so pissed he wouldnt even talk to me. I couldnt wait to read tomorrow’s headlines haha.