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Its been a harrowing week. All is well and normal. Assholesin college just cant stop farting around, not taking shower, and well making fun of each other (now this i have no problem against….) honestly, does having the smelliest or loudest fart make u any greater? Apart from that, we finally finished our classes and our tests as well. This happened on tuesday and everybody is now a free man. Or so we thought. Now as u all might now my place is pretty much run by people who at times seem to know what they are doing, then again sometimes they seem to have brain damage. So test was over by Tuesday which leaves Wednesday – Friday free right? WRRRRRROOOONNNNGGGGGGG.


Now in every other college in the world. After ur done with your tests, a new semester begins, or holiday begins. But in my place noooooooooooo such thing. We have to follow the schedule. And guess what subjects we have? Self Study…………. So basically we wake up early in the morning, show up for roll call, wait and rot till 12.30, roll call and go back. Thats right, no practical work, no instructors, no work, no classes, jus sit in a class and wait till 12.30. GAWDDDDDDDD COULD U(administration of my coll) BE ANYMORE STUPIDER? NO CLASS, NO LESSONS GO HOME LO. MAHAI….. which leads to the second irritating thing.


A month ago i asked if we will have any tests on september and what date would it be. They all said dunno la duno la dunno la. Den i ask if i could at least take friday(26th sep) off. They say no no no. Cannot. What happen if got class or test? I wanted to apply for leave so that i go to gold coast with my family. (mom dad bro me) but since we have to push it to saturday, my dad cannot join. So yeah thx a lot asshole.


Ok so we dont have class, we do nothing, and i didnt get to go holiday earlier coz some bastard was too lazy to plan the timetable earlier. What else could go wrong? Haha we kept persuading them to give us holiday since 3/4 of the trainees already went back with the same excuse: bus ticket left this time and date. So left us non malays without any reason to go back earlier. So pretty much us non malays have to wait and stay till friday 12.30. We said nobody coming except us, but noooooooo, still have to follow the timetable. So yeah tomorrow is my last day and the day after that im off to gold coast for holiday hehe. Dont have to see the place for a week. Hell man ill take it.


I dunno man how these kind of people think. No rationality, no sense, bullocks, bullshyters, assholes, racists or watever man. Screw u guys, imma goin gold coast.


If the words above ring any bells its obvious u must have watched star wars. Yes Star Wars. There has never been a movie which has been spoofed over and over again in comics, cartoons, video clips, games, conventions, YOUTUBE, and etc. Just go to youtube and type star wars, u will be introduced to so many funny clips or videos with a certain star wars theme.


Hmm well im a star wars fan. And with the release of clone wars, i was very excited about the movie. So i asked around if anybody would like to watch the movie. Majority of them said star wars sucked. So well i knew this would happen. Apparently anybody which watches star wars is a nerd and a total loser…….. I remember in form 5, the release of star wars episode III. Everybody was anticipating it and cant wait to watch it. Then we asked around who wants to watch it. And apparently majority would love to watch it. And then there are those who dont like star wars which says “what star wars? Who wants to watch that nerd show?” Immediately half the class was like “dude star wars is cool man. Ur the one thats uncool”


Haha i wonder how could this happen. Firstly star wars is cool. There is no other movie in which it’s special effects can beat it. Lol this movie is made by the company which makes billions of dollars producing special effects for every movie out there. Star wars has action scenes, romance scenes, war scenes. So in a way its like every cool movie out there all jam packed into 6 movies, an animated movie, and a few episodes of cartoons. I mean who doesnt want to drive a x-wing or any other space ship and blow everyone sky high (or space high) Yeah i know the ships name and also the walkers and etc. Y? coz i PAID ATTENTION? Haha yeah i do get loads of “dude how do u even know all these details?” from movies and games or such. Its called paying attention. Its not that hard actually if u decide to stop being a complete dickhead and actually watch the show quietly.


I admit star wars is beginning to be more of a nerd movie since their fan base are majoritily by nerds, myself included. Haha everyone wants to be a jedi or a sith. Dude u can swing light sabers cutting everyone in ur path, jump a few metres in the air, move anything using ur thoughts, mind control people, and zap people with ur fingers. How awesome would that be? So a totally awesome movie are being watched by nerds. And are thus considered a dumb show by people who wont admit star wars is cool. Haha. Can u imagine last time in the 80s star wars was ruled the world?


Hmm so my verdict? star wars is a cool movie. Its not for nerds its for everyone. Jus coz were fans of star wars doesnt mean were nerds. Lots of cool people watch it. LOTR has fans. And people dont consider it as a nerdy movie. When in fact its based on Dungeons and Dragons, yet another nerd game. imagine aragorn fighting darth vader….. “have at thee foul beast” “*inhale* join the darkside *exhale*” lol. darth vader doesnt even need to wield a blade. *force choke*


Oh yeah star wars clone wars is for star wars people. If u dont watch star wars u would be thinking wtf are they all talking about. Not a great movie, but its a star wars movie. It’ll have to do.

haha i guess i havent been a very hardworking blogger. Either im too lazy (which is what happens most of the time) or there is just nothing interesting happening. These few days ive been going to the gym and swimming. Gotta work out. Been in pretty bad shape and fortunately i managed to reach my target weight. which is 60++. (last time was 70++) So now gotta start maintaining it.


So what do i waste my time if im not doing neither? Haha ill be playing PSP, computer or watching movies. Yes with the playstation portable u can play anywhere, anytime. Small, slim, lite, its what a gamer needs if hes bored of doing nothing, PS its nice to show off to little kiddies. Hehe. Unfortunately nowadays kids everywhere has one so i guess it defeits the purpose… 


hehe the logo on my PSP box.


haha look u can even surf on the psp as well.


Haha my psp……. can play movie, video, music, game, go skype, online, listen to radio, can take pictures too.


Yeah u guys must think what a nerd i am. Haha im like wat 20? (well almost…) But still playing video games. Haha mind u that video games are very very helpful in releasing stress.


It doesnt destroy yourself like drinking.

if you lose your patience in gambling, u throw cards and get escorted out of the casino. if you lose your patience while playing video games nobody throws you out of the house.   

You’re at home, so your parents know where you are and they wont complain.

You can virtually do anything.

Its like actually taking part in an epic movie. Great story, characters, magic, CGI, special effects, nice music.

If you’re a bench footed, u can finally score goals!!

If you’re short, u can SLAM DUNK!!

Its like watching a comic book or story book.

Haha. Ok back to the topic, so guess what? Ive already watched the love guru. Its a pretty nice movie. Nice cast, Jessica Alba, Mike myers, Justin Timberlake. Okay story, funny? Very. Lots of 1 liners which will made me laugh. “from nowhere to now here” are one of the 1 liners he came out in the movie. It couldve left out some gross parts (well mike myers is after all an ogre……..) Mike myers also shows his talent in varying his voices. He is like robin williams. What kind of voice u want, he can give it to you.    



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