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Yeah i made that one up haha. Well for the last holiday (27th september – 4th october) me, my bro and mom went on a holiday trip to Gold Coast Australia. Ah yes gold coast, australia. The land of surfer brands. Thats where ur wild channel, tropicana life, quiksilver, billabong and rip curls originated from. Where kangaroos and koalas live as well as steve irwin (god rest his soul)


Okay, so for the first day of our holiday we were stuck in the plane for 8 hours. Thankfully we had our In Flight Entertainment to keep us entertained for the entire duration of the flight. Oh yeah i managed to catch a funny pic while in the plane.



LOL coconut rice (nasi lemak) or (nasi kelapa)


We had to make a stop over at Sydney before we could head on to brisbane. From there on its around another 2 hours till we get there. When we reached brisbane, it was late and then we had to take a shuttle bus all the way to our hotel at gold coast which is around another hour. What a waste. 1 whole day wasted sitting in the plane. When we got to the hotel all of us were too tired and we all hit the beds early.


Which brings us to the next day! Haha all of us were re-energized and refreshed and we couldnt wait to start our day in gold coast. We started out with a typical western breakfast at the hotel. Buffet, so i wasted no time stuffing myself silly with food. After all breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


After that we went straight to the surfing school to register ourselves in a surfing class. Apparently u are guaranteed to stand and ride on ur first class, so we decided to give it a try.


Cheyne horan’s : school of surf (apparently he was once a world champion surfer.

When i first heard the name i thought it was gonna be a female surfer, turns out to be a dude



surf class of 10.45am registration


Looks like we got in too early but its ok. That gave us enough time to head to the BEACH!! Yes the wonderful and beautiful beach of gold coast is what makes and puts gold coast on the map. The beach is just simply beautiful. The clean sand, the ice cold water (lol its kinda weird being in the sea where the water is very very cold. plus its salty….), the beautiful scenery (girls + bikinis) wooooo……


man u dont find this kind of beaches in malaysia.

thx to all those people who destroyed our beaches.

yeah thx, appreciate it…


not exactly king of the world but it’ll have to do.

“wish u were here…..”



bro: its….. not….. ccccc…. cold….

mom: yeah…….. it….. isnt….


so after playing around in the beach, we decide to head back to “class” and don our school uniform.



haha kewl aint it?


Unfortunately there wasnt anyone to help take our pics when we learning to surf so there wont be any pics of us trying to learn. So how did i do? Well at least i managed to climb on my board and managed to surf. Yeah i managed to surf. Its nice and the feeling of accomplishment is like when u learn how to ride a bike. Anyway its pretty easy i guess. U wait for the wave to hit u (preferably a big and strong wave), then get on top of the board with your chest on it. Once your board is moving straight and not shaking left or right, u can stand on top and surf! haha But it takes time, particularly getting on the right wave.


Hmm a few reminders or tips is, u gotta be fit to surf. Carrying those boards arent as easy as they look, and trying to get back to the sea once u get wiped out (when u fall off the board into the sea) is really really challenging with the waves hitting u hard and not to mention the current, while carrying the heavy board. Fortunately all those time at they gym weren’t wasted but i still feel fatigued after that.


Anyway i managed to catch a pic of me surfing.



Me and the instructors. The guy on the left is former world champion Cheyne Horan



me and my “classmates”


After class i went to the malls around surfer’s paradise and took some pictures all over the place.



me again……



People were walking barefooted all over the place. And its sunny. Really thick skin…

Also shows how clean it is…


For the rest of the day we walked around looking and searching for bus stops and asking around how to go to sea world and how to get back. Then we manage to scout for places to eat. Oh yeah a tip when ur in any place. Check those fliers u get in the hotel or all those tourists maps. Can find discounts if ur lucky heheheh…



the view from my room.



my room.



Pretty small eh. Well its home…


Haha yay i finally managed to upload this blog. Took me long enough but i was too lazy ahha. Anyway next blog is day 3 hehe.











wahhhh all my blogs…..


those gold coast blogs.


i kept it in draft for so long till it sort of rotted.


pics just wont load.


i cant even upload new blogs…


i am so very very………………………….


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