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Today was a normal typical day. The next would be different. Why? Coz of 2 things…


1. Human Factors exam has been postponed. [WTF? i spent the whole weekend revising and now its postponed?! whyyyy!! give me back my weekends…. wuuu…]


2. DCA (department of civil aviation) audit coming


Yeah its D-Day for my coll. This will show whether all the suffering we trainees have endured will be all worthwhile or did we just spent 3 years of our lives doing nonsense?


Time will tell. DCA will be spending 2 days auditing the place and if we get the approval then we will be able to sit for the final exam for our basic license by September. If not…. habis. As much as i hate my coll, i really do hope we get the approval. My coll has been working towards this new thing where instead of undergoing 5 years of training to obtain license, we are doing 3 years instead. And i guess we are the first training centre to do so. But i feel worried. I dunno why…..


Maybe coz my place is run by assholes???????


I dont mean to talk bad about people (actually i do) but come on man. The things my college forces us to do is dumb, stupid and inhumane.


There are a few things i will not forgive….


1. The headmaster forced me to stay back till 9.30pm coz i didnt line up.

– supposedly we have roll call to attend to everytime we come to coll and everytime we leave it, but it was my first week there and nobody knows the rules. It was raining and well in my brain i was like “yay class over, time to go back. Since its raining, dont need to go for roll call” so i left college and went home. As soon as i reached home, i receive a phone call from my coll mate and he asked me to quickly drive back to coll with my parents. I was like what happened and what did i do? So i rushed back to coll (without my parents) only to get a few hours lecture from the HM about my/our attitude and why didnt we roll-called. We were like trying to explain to him why didnt we roll-call. Said its the first week, it was raining, nobody knew what to do, and they (the administration, management or instructors) weren’t there to tell us what to do. Class ended at 5pm, there wasn’t anybody there till 5.15, so i left. Oh yeah the whole time we were just standing there in a “senang diri” position till 9.30, listening to the HM lecture and to the clerks saying padan muka. What a way to make an impression. Oh yeah did i mention that the HM said Fuck to me? yeah he did….


2. If class is over, we have to wait till college is over.

– kinda like during our school days. Lets say some of the teachers fall sick and class is canceled, the day goes on till the bell rings at 2 indicating its time to go home. In college, if class is over or canceled everybody goes home. Unfortunately, we have to stay till its time to go home. At first we didnt make a big deal out of it. Then came the period we dread the most. “self study” its like a relief period. Come on man, if the instructor is absent or not in, we wont even study, so why not send us home? nooooooooo….. they dont want to. There were times where i actually had no class for the whole day, and i still had to wake up 6 in the morning, go to coll, sit there and rot till 5 then go back.


3. We still sing NEGARAKU

– no other college besides military college does this.


4. We sing NEGARAKU at 2.30pm under the blistering sun.

– it keeps getting better and better


5. If it was raining the day we have master parade, it is postponed to the next day.

– yeah……


6. They take 4 dollars from us every 5 days, and feed us food not worth 4 dollars.

– Their motto is if u dont eat, then say bye bye to your 4 dollars.


7. I have the most disgusting coll mates ever….

– Lets see, they like to remove their shoes and socks in class, they smoke, they fart, they stink.


8. We have compulsory Saturday activities to attend to.

– u destroy 5/7 days of my week and now they want 5 1/2 days of my week.


9. There is no such thing as HOLIDAY here.

– imagine doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again till its the end of the year only to repeat the cycle again.


there are plenty more reasons to condemn my college, but i think ill save that for later. Anyway i really hope we get the approval coz if not i know what to add to my list.


Oh yeah wanna know the reason to postpone our exam, to show off to DCA how to conduct an ENGLISH exam.


If u guys had probably read yesterday’s Star paper [6th february 2009], u mightve stumbled upon an article which reports that an old man has passed away. Which happens to be my granduncle [late grandfather’s elder brother]

Among all the Sims, he happens to be the most famous. Ive only met him like twice in my whole lifetime. In his house were pictures of him and major political figures. He was friends with Dr Sun Yat San, er received a major honour from duno which sultan/ prime minister, oh and he is one of the major guys in MCA.

My dad was fortunate enough to visit him a few days ago. Too bad i didnt get to know him better. Imagine all the things i couldve learnt from him. Of course that wouldve been the case if i learnt to speak chinese though…

Anyway condolences to the Melaka Sims and may his soul rest in peace.

“Sim Mow Yu”

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