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I miss my handphone…. stupid warranty claim, so long also not yet done.


I miss taking pictures with my handphone.


I miss looking at the phone.


I miss playing with the phone.


I miss calling with my phone.


I miss sms-ing with my phone.


Gawd i miss it…


Wow i am totally loving this windows live writer. Damn awesome software (so far available for Vista, XP dunno). I just start the software, start posting etc etc etc then click publish finished. I can do it offline (draft) and the best part is cannot DC!!


Anyway life remains the same if not even more hectic. Last month was a treacherous month. One whole month of exam postponements and hectic last minute studying. Now im just damn bloody worried for 3/5 of my papers. The questions they ask ar i tell you damn dumb one…


When do you check your tools?

a) before work

b) after work

c) before and after work.


technically the answer should be c) but according to the book its b)… yeap


Well i really hope i pass, i really wouldnt want to resit the paper. HONESTLY I dont want to ever resit the paper. Whats more frustrating is that i study like shyt, really threw in all the effort only to encounter stupid and totally unpredictable questions which came from part of the book which people just breeze thru. I predicted questions like operation considering its a lvl 2 + 3 kinda paper so I really put much effort into understanding how it works. See see all the questions ask all those totally unrelated questions with the operation.


Actually the questions i felt were sort of a payback so to speak. Once upon a time, someone got caught possessing exam questions bank. Instructor got pissed and always and i mean ALWAYS made a big fuss here and there. Instructor set a new batch of questions and totally killed us all. Some people actually guessed the questions and they guessed it right and they didnt study like me. I was like The F**k….. Its all coz i was to indecisive and too cautious. The answer shouldve been that obvious but i always think nah it cant be that…. and cross out the wrong answer.  


Anyway exams are the thing of the past, and i am now stuck doing practicals. I kinda enjoy it. I dont have to sit in class, i get to do some hands on work rather than trying to stay awake trying to concentrate in class. Oh and its so cooling working outdoors.


The first week of practical involve wire locking practices. Technically we have to take a long piece of metal wire and tie it in such a way that a bolt or nut which has been tightened cannot come out of its fitting.




Its not that hard but it hurts. The wires we use are metallic and when trying to make it tight and not loose, u need to really pull it and tie it. By the 3rd day, the hand got used to the pain and cuts and all is already well.


Now doing practical on aircraft seats (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!)


Oh yeah sometime next week going to have oral examinations. Where we will be tested verbally regarding our basic knowledge of what we have learnt. And i am just so screwed for it. Thx to this new computer game, i cant get over it! Curse u EMPIRE TOTAL WAR!!


I am definitely screwed for the oral exams……

Your Type is

Extraverted – 78%
Sensing – 1%
Thinking – 1%
Judging – 1%

Strength of the preferences %


Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:

  • very expressed extravert
  • slightly expressed sensing personality
  • slightly expressed thinking personality
  • slightly expressed judging personality


possible careers – management, public administration, radiologic technician, counseling, law, social worker, engineering, education.


famous people of my particular type – gloria steine, martha stewart, barbara streisand, frank sinatra.


Supervisors are highly social and community-minded, with many rising to positions of responsibility in their school, church, industry, or civic groups. Supervisors are generous with their time and energy, and very often belong to a variety of service clubs, lodges, and associations, supporting them through steady attendance, but also taking an outspoken leadership role. Supervisors like to take charge of groups and are comfortable issuing orders. They are cooperative with their own superiors, and they would like cooperation from the people working under them. Rank, they believe, has its obligations, but it also has its privileges.

Comprising at least ten percent of the population, Supervisors enjoy and are good at making schedules, agendas, inventories, and so on, and they much prefer tried and true ways of doing things over speculation and experimentation. Supervisors keep their feet firmly on the ground and would like those under their supervision to do the same, whether employee, subordinate, spouse, or offspring. Supervisors have no problem evaluating others and tend to judge how a person is doing in terms of his or her compliance with, and respect for, schedules and procedures.

Supervisors are unbelievably hard-working. Even as children they are industrious, and they usually respect their parents as authority figures. In school Supervisors are often model students, dutifully following directions, doing all their homework, doing it thoroughly, and on time. Above all else, they wish to do what they are supposed to do, and they rarely question the teacher’s assignments, method of instruction, standards, or authority. And their industry and perseverance only become more important to them as they grow into adulthood and take on the responsibilities of job and family.

Supervisors approach human relations along traditional lines. Marriage and parenthood are sacred to them, and they tend to have a large circle of friends, with many friendships faithfully maintained over the years. Social gatherings and ceremonies have great meaning for them, and they look forward to holiday parties, club dances, weddings, class reunions, awards banquets, and the like. In social situations, Supervisors are friendly and talk easily with others. Though they can seem a bit formal in their manners, Supervisors are pretty easy to get to know. At ease in polite company, they tend not to confuse people by sending double messages or putting on airs-what they seem to be, they are.

Jack Webb, Judge Judy, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, George Washington, Sandra Day O’ Connor, Mike Wallace, and Vince Lombardi are examples of a Supervisor Guardians.



Wow this is just so bloody

true. haha


This goes out to my neighbor who recently passed away. He was a nice guy. Bloody fit old man. Everyday he will jog around the park and also around the housing area.


He is also a kind person too. We always wave when we see each other. And greet each other. Cant believe he’s gone man….


Heard he fell down the stairs and things got messy. Not to mention his wife was also hospitalized recently. A real series of unfortunate events indeed. Bummer….


I pray for him and his family.

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