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Life update

Posted on: March 18, 2009

Wow i am totally loving this windows live writer. Damn awesome software (so far available for Vista, XP dunno). I just start the software, start posting etc etc etc then click publish finished. I can do it offline (draft) and the best part is cannot DC!!


Anyway life remains the same if not even more hectic. Last month was a treacherous month. One whole month of exam postponements and hectic last minute studying. Now im just damn bloody worried for 3/5 of my papers. The questions they ask ar i tell you damn dumb one…


When do you check your tools?

a) before work

b) after work

c) before and after work.


technically the answer should be c) but according to the book its b)… yeap


Well i really hope i pass, i really wouldnt want to resit the paper. HONESTLY I dont want to ever resit the paper. Whats more frustrating is that i study like shyt, really threw in all the effort only to encounter stupid and totally unpredictable questions which came from part of the book which people just breeze thru. I predicted questions like operation considering its a lvl 2 + 3 kinda paper so I really put much effort into understanding how it works. See see all the questions ask all those totally unrelated questions with the operation.


Actually the questions i felt were sort of a payback so to speak. Once upon a time, someone got caught possessing exam questions bank. Instructor got pissed and always and i mean ALWAYS made a big fuss here and there. Instructor set a new batch of questions and totally killed us all. Some people actually guessed the questions and they guessed it right and they didnt study like me. I was like The F**k….. Its all coz i was to indecisive and too cautious. The answer shouldve been that obvious but i always think nah it cant be that…. and cross out the wrong answer.  


Anyway exams are the thing of the past, and i am now stuck doing practicals. I kinda enjoy it. I dont have to sit in class, i get to do some hands on work rather than trying to stay awake trying to concentrate in class. Oh and its so cooling working outdoors.


The first week of practical involve wire locking practices. Technically we have to take a long piece of metal wire and tie it in such a way that a bolt or nut which has been tightened cannot come out of its fitting.




Its not that hard but it hurts. The wires we use are metallic and when trying to make it tight and not loose, u need to really pull it and tie it. By the 3rd day, the hand got used to the pain and cuts and all is already well.


Now doing practical on aircraft seats (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!)


Oh yeah sometime next week going to have oral examinations. Where we will be tested verbally regarding our basic knowledge of what we have learnt. And i am just so screwed for it. Thx to this new computer game, i cant get over it! Curse u EMPIRE TOTAL WAR!!


I am definitely screwed for the oral exams……


6 Responses to "Life update"

Eh.. How can you screw an ORAL EXAM? Its just suck/lick/suck/lick right?

ahahahahahahahahaha.. Tell the examiner I would *cough cough* you if you’d just let me pass with FLYING colourss. 🙂

Hahahahaha.. Awesome.

damniel: sometimes one day will have 2 fellas doing it. we call them oral partners haha.

=.= xion…u wished all ur exam were that easy dont u


damniel: he probably had lots of practise

Seing those ropes in those diagrams remind me of the mast ropes on my ship of the lines in Empire Total W—


damniel: those are made of ropes. mine is made of steel….. still damn this total war… i cant stop playing it. oh wait i jus did haha.

hahahahhahaaa @ the GTE ques.

damniel: yeah man i was like wtf wei…. if i am going to get wrong at least wrong to sensible question…

harrrrlo daniel sim! *droppin-by. wow hope u pass ur paper! 🙂

damniel: haha harlo long time no see too.. last time saw u was at pyramid mcd haha.

LOL. that typing wore thing looks like girl guiding. LOL! except.. they.. tie ropes. wahaha!

damniel: cilaka…. very hard u know to do it. girl guide also cannot do wan.

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