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The day started very very well.

11.00pm(Sunday 5th April 2009) Football time and it couldnt get any better at first…


It was football time, and that meant man united were playing. And they were playing a tough and strong team. It was 2nd vs 5th and its a must win match for both teams. So to sum it all up…


Man united 1 – 0 Aston villa (yay)

Poor AV player did a backpass (a defender can return the ball to the keeper with his feet, but keeper cannot touch it wif his hand) Ronaldo stepped up and scored yay.


Man United 1 – 1 Aston Villa (oh noes…)

Sucky defending lead to a great cross and a mediocre goal. Stupid neville, stupid o shea, stupid evra, stupid evans


Man United 1 – 2 Aston Villa (shyt wtf)

Even suckier defending led to probably one of the easiest goals in the game. Everybody was stunned (MU fans). It was Deja Vu,


Man United 2 – 2 Aston Villa (hua hua hua)

United were down, lead is gone, title hopes almost faded…. then along came Ronaldo as he drilled his second goal for the home crowd driving everyone crazy. Turning point of the game….


Man United 3 – 2 Aston Villa (OMFG OMFG OMFG)

United decided to gamble. If going to lose or draw at least let some new kid play. Great chance for a debut, and that damn kid actually did it, Great control of the ball, great composure, great kick, great goal, great kid. Home crowd errupted (i jumped off the couch)


Whistle blows (end of match) …… (OMFG OMFG OMFG)

GAME OVER hua hua hua…


Finally la, after seeing MU lose twice, 3 weeks of getting showered by boos and jeers from all non-Mu fans. Its great to have finally won something. Damn liverpool cut off the lead and MU had managed to gain back it’s rightful position.


I had a great night’s sleep.


Woke up bla bla bla


Went to college and actually did work.


Really liked the new instructor. Doesnt blabber around and doesnt annoy/ irritate us.


Went to One Utama after work. BEST PART – NO JAM. I was driving on LDP at around 6.45-7.00 no jam wei all the way to One Utama. I was like wtf man, this day is awesome. Parking was easy too.


Went to look for my hp shop (sent my hp for warranty..)

Sometime ago, my hp gave some probs with the camera quality. Pictures became screwed up and i decided to use the warranty. Unfortunately, the shop i sent to was in 1 Utama. So i try to limit driving there unless i have a purpose.


So there were a few things i am pissed with the shop.


1st- the phone came back with 2 defects on its appearance. My touchscreen hp had its screen protector damaged. The back of the handphone had its skin peeled off. I sent the phone in perfect mint condition. And the idiot said its not his fault but rather the service centre’s fault. So i was like GO AND CALL the service centre. He told me its closed….


2nd – I asked him to put back a new screen protector and change the back casing for me. He had the nerve to charge me for it. I was standing there explaining to him that: I sent the hp to him to fix the camera. The camera came back but other parts were damaged. So i told him, IS IT MY FAULT ITS DAMAGED? I sent to u in perfect mint condition, No bleeping scratches, no delamination and etc. I took care of the phone really well. The phone came back damaged and now i had to pay for some idiots fault (shop or service centre) He said he will call the service centre but i dunno what the hell is he going to do. Something tells me im still going to have to fork out cash. I asked him how much screen protector, he told me 20. Then he said “For u i charge 15” I was like WTF…. U damage my hp and ask me to pay for it?



was just testing out the camera (it worked fine)




The idiot in charge of my hp.




somebody who is equally pissed as i am.


So i went off with my poor poor hp, and went to eat. I was feeling very hungry and decided to have something full. So i went to the directory and found Carl’s Junior. Best burgers in town man. Can rival the local Ramlee burger stalls.



MMM…. Objects in camera are usually smaller than they appear.


Okay so this is when i had a free carl’s jr burger. I went and order a SUPER STAR burger (2 huge juicy, succulent beef patties, with layers of cheese, onions, vege, and buns) As soon as i got the order i got sauce for the fries, had the fries and drink.


The moment i opened the burger, i thought the burger looked funny. It was white and red in colour. So i was thinking, is this beef? I looked at it, didnt look like beef. i smelled it, didnt smell like beef, i bit it, didnt taste like a fking beef. I went to the fella and asked the guy what burger is this.


Staff: yes?

Me: er… is this the SUPER STAR burger?

Staff: yes…

me: is this beef?

Staff: er… wait let me check. er….. no its chicken

Me: isnt SUPER STAR, beef?

Staff: Yeah but we ran out of beef.

Me: so u replaced mine with chicken?

Staff: yeah. but dont worry SAME PRICE.

Me: but BEEF and CHICKEN DIFFERENT TASTE. u couldve told me u ran out of beef.

Staff: oh sorry sir.

Me: so….? the least u couldve done was told me no more beef.

Staff: er…..

Me: So i can i get a refund?


Staff went and call the manager.


Me: No more beef ar?

Manager: Nope, all out. Sorry sir, my staff forgot.

Me: aiyo couldve told me ma no more beef. I couldve ordered something else.

manager: so do u want a refund?

Me: yeah of course. (I want a damn beef burger but all i got was a lousy tasteless chicken)


The manager, gave me my refund, and the tasteless burger. Okay at least if the burger tasted great, then it would be a terrific free burger. It wasnt. Its like those chicken patties, they fry and play around for a while then serve to the customer. No taste.


So there u have it a long post after a while. haha.    


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