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001. Real name: Daniel Sim Lim Kit

002. Nickname(s): damniel(game), velvettears (game), unnamed (game), nonam (game), denial, cow, ngau kor, big bird (cousins), danny boy, dan,

003. Age: 20 (going to be 21)

004. Horoscope: Libran!

005. Male or Female: Guy

006. Elementary: Sekolah kebangsaan seafield (1), Sekolah kebangsaan seri selangor

007 Middle School: SMK USJ 12

008. High School: Aik…. SMK USJ 12 again i guess…

009. College school: UTAR (PJ) 2006, METC (2006-2009)

010. Hair colour: Black

011. Long or short: Medium

012. Loud or Quiet: Quiet at times, when out wif frens will become noisy

013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans

014. Phone or Camera: A phone with camera!

015. Health freak: Will eat everything, and work out at the gym, and i dont smoke.

016. Drink or Smoke: All tried before. didnt like either

017. Do you have a crush on someone: Hmm…….. not right now

018. Eat or Drink: MAKAN!

019. Piercings: 1-1 = 0

020. Tattoos: none….. yet

021. Social or Anti-Social: SOCIAL

022. Righty or Lefty: Righto

023. First piercing: To be confirmed

024. First relationship: Nvr had

025. First Best Friend: Cva

026. First Award: Standard 2, dunno some sukaneka nonsense

027. First Kiss: Given by my old friend

028. First Pet: A dog given to my uncle (Daisy RIP)

029. First Big Vacation: Thailand i guess. (all the old photos also shows that)

030. First Love at First Sight: Form 1. WWW <—– abbreviation

031. First Big Birthday: Err. Standard something.

032. First Surgery: Dont have

033. First sport you joined: Pepsi Cola or Ice and water or Police and thief

034. Orange or Apple Juice: Oren

035. Rock or Rap: Whichever that gives a nice tune

036. Country or Screamo: Refer to 35.

037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: Backstreet boyz

038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Circus girl

039. Night or Day: Night

040. Sun or Moon: Moon

041. TV or Internet: Internet. TV onli for football

042. Playstation or xbox: Sony boy

043. Kiss or hug: How bout both?

044. Iguana or turtle: Iguana. cooler

045. Spider or bee: Neither?

046. Fall or spring: Nvr experienced either. Only summer

047. Limewire or iTunes: Ares!!

048. Soccer or baseball: Manchester United fan

049. Eating: Everything delicious

050. Drinking: Anything but liquor

051. Excitement level: CRAZEEEEEE

052. I’m about to: Read somemore

053. Listening to: The sound my aircon makes when its in swing mode

054. Plan for today: Study somemore

055. Waiting for: This quiz to finish

056. Energy level: Depleting…

057. Thinking of someone: Of myself in the future

058. Want kids: Not now

059. Want to get married: Of course

060. When: Im financially and mentally ready

061. How many kids do you want: As many as I can haha

062. Any name in mind: Dunno yet.

063. What did you want to be when you were little: Policeman or Fireman

064. Careers in mind: Something to do with aviation

065. Mellow future or wild: Not boring

066. Something you would never try: Eat shit (literally)

067. When do you want to die: When ive done everything in the world

Which is better in the boy/girl you like (in the future)

068. Lips or Eyes: Eyes

069. Romantic or Funny: BOTH!

070. Shorter or Taller: Almost same height

071. Protective or Caring: Both

072. Romantic or Spontaneous: BOTH

073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Both!

074. Sensitive or Loud: More sensitive than loud

075. Hooked-up or Relationship: The answer with ship.

076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant: Spontaneous!

077. Muscular or Normal: Thin, slim, sexy

078. Kissed a stranger: I would, if its a hawt girl

079. Broken a bone: Never

080. Lost glasses or contacts: Lost both before

081. Ran away from home: Kinda wished though

082. Held a gun/knife for self defense: Virtually

083. Killed somebody: Virtually

084. Broken someone’s heart: Definitely yes. ( : im a heartbreaker, im a heartbreaker, Kanye West: how could u be so heartless?)

085. Had your heart broken: Daniel beddingfield (if ur not for me then why do i dream of u as my wife?)

086. Been arrested: Monopoly? yes…

087. Cried when someone died: Yes. Who wouldnt

088. Liked a friend more than a friend: U gotta start somewhere

089. Yourself: Quite bland but am trying to change it

090. Miracles: I need a big one for september

091. Love at first sight: I do believe in it

092. Heaven: Im going there

093. Santa Claus: Still exists!!

094. Tooth fairy: She owes me money…

095. Kiss in the first date: I dont kiss and tell hehe.

096. Angels: & demons?

Answer Truthfully.

097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: I want to, i just need to know who she is

098. Happy with where you’re in life now?: Nope. Things will change soon

099. Do you believe in God?: Does buddhist people believe in god>?

100. Post as 100 truths and tag 6 people.


-Bernice (coz u like tags), Chin Ying (take a break), Stephen (saja), Keith (coz u still read my blog), Ewin (same as keith), LWK (coz ur free now) & to everyone that reads this!!


Yesterday (friday) yew siong called me out to go yum cha (drink tea… literally). So there were about a few people that actually went. Theres Alfred, Adeline C, Yoke pui, yew siong and me.


First we drank at the mamak then went on to play pool at racks. Played like shyt, went back to yew siong’s house to play mahjong and also play like shyt. Haha. anyway i got home quite late, at around 3.30. Went there to comfort our dear friend. (he joined the singles club)


Anyway at 11.30am (saturday), mom woke me up and asked me to get ready to go to the temple. It was wesak day and we were supposed to go to the temple and pray. So off we went to chetawan temple (i still cant get the name right) Its near La Salle and Assunta school.


So here are a few pics.


  cups with yellow and red oil and wicks


upon purchasing (donating) the cups, u get to put ur family name


more of em


and theres more


buddha statue wif lights haha


loads of devotees


heres 2 monks blessing wallets, talismans and devotees


devotees (at the back) waiting for this session to finish to be blessed next


i honestly cant sit there for a few hours doing the same thing non-stop


devotees lining up to wash the statue of buddha


notice a smaller statue of buddha beside the big one (for kids)




looks like giving buddha a refreshing nice cup of water

So all in all the ceremonies were kept short. We just went to all the praying areas, put some flowers, donated and got blessed, unlike kev who definitely have loads to tell haha.

Well its been awhile since i last updated. I guess its my turn to break the cycle.

Things started quite badly for the week. On monday… my training manager came into class and gave us a warning. A warning that by thursday, he will give us 150 questions. Covering modules 1-11 (from math to airframe). to make matters worse there will be another 150 on friday. Then… he will give us a 1 on 1 oral examination.

Oh the passing mark is 100% haha….

He also said if wrong, got negative marking. if never answer no points. If we answer correctly, he will send us thru the first level of hell during the oral examination. If we dont answer we get the 2nd level of hell. If we got it wrong, we will be sent thru the 6th level of hell.

Its tuesday and i havent even started anything….. im doomed.

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