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Its already 12.30 am (Thursday July 9th 2009) I spent the last 2 hours doing my homework and revising and now taking a break.


* my friend came to give me back my HDD (hard disk drive)*

~Initially I borrowed to him the HDD to put 3 games. And i only wanted just that 1 game to let off some steam. Some shooting game called Call of Juarez. An interesting FPS (first person shooter) or so i was led to believe. Well what can go wrong eh?…


Tuesday july 7th


My friend V called me out to go for a yumcha session. I asked him to bring the HDD as well. I got to his car and asked him bout the HDD. I asked him how are the games. (he borrowed from another friend of ours) Then all of a sudden he remembered he was supposed to put the games into the HDD. So i knew he definitely didnt put it in.


Yumcha went on as usual. During the last minute we decided to call our friend out at the very very last minute to go out yum cha near his place. So we did. We went on to McD and just hung out and chat and gossip (see even guys do it…)


Wednesday july 8th


My friend V called me sometime during 8pm to say he was going to bring the HDD. I was totally ok. I had some work to do before trying to install any of the new games though. So i patiently did my work and studies. Then the clock struck 12 and i felt i needed a break. I needed to let of some steam by shooting stuff. I plugged in the HDD and look for that one particular game. Nope…. no game.


Now im stuck with this urge to shoot everything on sight just to let off some steam and yet i somehow ended up here in my blog haha.


Thursday july 9th

Oh well. SO now im stuck here not shooting anything (dont get any funny ideas u sick perverted people……) I have test on this Friday and i definitely am damn sure as hell that i am not going to let the same shit that happened in the previous exam to repeat itself.


~ on a different note i went through a few people’s blogs. I see so many people just living their lives. And their lives are pretty well…. pretty compared to mine. [I do understand the fact that life is how u make of it and not by the people around you.(well most of it anyway…)] My point is…. How i wish life isnt as shytty as it already is.


1. Holiday. Everyones having it… wuuuuu


2. Saturday activities have been changed to classes. Its bad enough I have to concentrate 5 days a week but 6? WTF MAN WTF. Oh heres the best part. EVERY SATURDAY HAVE CLASS. Last time, every last saturdays of the month are the day off for us. NOW those who PASS their english have to attend additional technical modular classes (subjects other than english) While those who failed their ENGLISH have the day off on the last saturdays. WTF MAN honestly WTF?!


The reason was coz of this. WE ALL HATE Saturday activities. Past saturday activities have been listening to presentations of “proposal to set up new aviation school” we got pissed, complained and they decided to have classes for us. We sort of dug our own grave……


3. Exams stress. Its July. September is the final of the final exams. Make or break time. I havent even studied seriously yet. Im just lazying around. 9.30-6.30 class sort of kills of all brain cells which are dedicated to studying. Honestly. I have to study 9.30-whatever time i sleep. Fuck man. by 6.30 the brain already dead. Even schooling days i have some time to rest in the afternoon and then continue studying at night.


4. I HAVE HAD IT WITH ASSHOLES WHO COME AND GO AS THEY PLEASE. HONESLTLY, IF ITS THAT HARD TO STAY THERE ALL THE WAY, DONT BOTHER COMING IN THE FIRST PLACE. SOME OF US TOOK THE EFFORT TO COME EARLY AND BRACE THE HORRIBLE SHITTY TIMETABLE. FUCKING Ms…. Suka hati come….. ask people to cover for them la, do this favour la do that. In class like to show off like they are knowledgable and shit. FUCK. Talk like life is HARD. U DONT EVEN KNOW WTF HARD IS…… I have also had it with this asshole that made me drive him around for 3 days so that his fking piece of shit gf can use his bloody fking car. ( I asked him why his gf need his car. So that she can do her stuff which takes 1 day to finish) FUCK MAN….


5. cant think of any for now. Its late and ive been rambling for 1 1/2 hours. am going to continue with studying till 2 or 2.30 i guess.


I guess i kinda owe a lot to this blog. Dunno when was the last post haha. Well things have been pretty busy at my end. Just finished my exams for Maintenance Practise. It was pretty shabby till i reach the last essay paper.


For once, I was pretty confident i could answer anything the examiner board could throw at me. Little did i know they ask me about something where nobody in my class has or had learned before. So technically our whole class is screwed. If the instructor had at least taught us before then we could still answer but then in our case, we were f**ked.


We asked our instructor “hey what gives?” <— were not exact words.

He said he didnt set the question. He set questions based on what he taught us. So we all pointed our attention the the stupid chief examiner. First off all our exams were delayed. 1 reason was bcoz of Friday’s prayers while rumours state that she lost our examination questions……. If it was the 2nd reason then we know already. She mustve replaced the questions with her own homemade questions.


Anyway moving on.


Yesterday was Hari’s birthday. Went out to Summit and eat at some thai restaurant. Then headed to Euphoria. It was a pretty darn cool place. Cold, in-house music and really nice ambience. Oh it was a NO SMOKING club. Awesome.


Pictures all waiting for Fb to upload. (all pics from friends…)

although i dont recall taking any photos in Ministry of sound though…


So got back late from MOS and went to sleep…….


till 1pm where i was woken up by a phone call.

“hello where are u?” J

“er….. wait. *checks clock* oh shyt……” me


haha i was supposed to go for cheer 2009 with my cousin. My cousin is with Brats (bright roving annoying teens) and her assignment was the National cheer finals haha. Cool eh?


Anyway here are the pics.


05-07-09_1501Dunno which school. The uniform is like the champion one so i think its the champions. Blitzers or something like that.


 So many colous. (each colour represent a certain faction)


 Me, and my cousin. the fellas at the back are supporters. notice the green supporters behind?



Damn gila semangat one the green fellas.


The stadium was at full house

05-07-09_1506 Just cheer it.



Some minister also came. Menter sukan and something. He was sitting at the stands (on the left side of the guy-manning-the-camera’s head). 


People dancing to the YMCA


The BRATS station

05-07-09_1627 More YMCA… or was it the wave…

Later, we went to pyramid to have dinner and then we played and lepak for awhile before heading back home. Hehe.

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