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life update

Posted on: August 28, 2009

Things have been pretty interesting (which would explain why im to darn lazy to update anything)


First up, been going out very VERY often late at night. Movies la, CCs, lepak, yum cha, or just for dinner. Normally would come back by 2-3am and ill be having classes at 9.30 in the morning haha. Dunno why, but suddenly I have the impulse to just say YES. Its like YES MAN. hahaha…..


Well i do regret feeling sleepy in class, I do admit, I had no regrets coming. We had loads of memorable memories. Near-death-accidents, funny and hilarious jokes, gossips, movies, and just simply mamak talk.


lately its the hungry ghost festival, so my parents kept on reminding me not to come back late. However, I dont feel like a party pooper and ended up lepaking till the wee hours of the morning. In the beginning, nothing happened. Then one day they started making noise and complaining…… Oh well it was fun while it lasted.


Next Ive been going out to the movies.




The Orphan

At first glance I thought this movie would be about paranormal shyt and stuff like that. Fortunately it wasnt. Honestly look at her, and the tagline, Its like a total paranormal ghost or devil or some unworldly being. The story is about a family where the mom was pregnant wif a 9 month old baby. Unfortunately the baby died. Feeling depressed and lost, she went on to adopt a new kid and boy did she picked the wrong girl. So the story focuses on the mom trying to solve the mystery surrounding Esther and how the mom tries to convince her husband that “theres something wrong with Esther”. Along the way Esther pops up and tries to throw her off course and makes her life a living hell.





1) Its a pixar movie. They never suck. Except a bugs life……

2) its very colourful, funny, interesting, touching, actiony, interesting, sad, nice and etc etc.




Now i expected this movie to totally suck. Man was I so very wrong haha. After transformers, many thought there wont be any other movie that could top it. And along comes GI JOE. Bad guy looks cool, good guys are not that far behind, action scenes were mind blasting, story was ok. There wasnt any draggy part like transformers. After optimus died, the movie sorta died wif him. And it dragged on and on till the last 20 minutes of the movie. In this movie there werent any boring parts and thats good.



Continuing on, results for our exams came out. english passsssss!!! wooohooo. I thought i was going to f*ck it up. Fortunately i didnt. Only 4 people in the whole college passed and fortunately im one of em.


Then theres my maintenance practise exam where they ask us bout crimping. I have never done it. My instructor never thought me and i wrote according to my common sense and i fking passed it. Man….. am i glad. as for now im 1 paper from graduation!!!!!!


Been going to the gym very often. Running, lifting light weights and watching my diet. Did lose a few kgs but…. man its tough. Losing weight is hell.


So i guess thats about it. There are other minor things which happened along the way during the whole month of augusts. Birthday parties, celebrations, stupid college stuff and etc. Oh ill update on that stupid college in a while soon.


U wont believe it. just when u thought my college couldnt get any dumber yet they seem to always prove me otherwise.


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