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World’s greatest post

Posted on: December 14, 2009

Okay fine its not the world’s greatest post i’ll admit to that. Things have been going up and down and i its still going down…


1.  Pass exams yay!!!!!!!!!!

2. No more ROLL CALLS!!! weeeeee

3. No more singing NEGARAKU UNDER THE HOT SUN!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaa

yes mates 3 years of suffering has ended and we enjoyed it M3TC way!…

Were at the roof of our training centre

its not me… but i like the view

another group shot

the planes we see everyday for the past 3 years

freshmen hahahhahaa

Yeah so I guess thats the first UP moment in my life. Then came the DOWN moment in my life.


1. Watched the most expensive movie in the world.

Yeah its the most expensive movie…. wanna know why?

2. I lost my phone in the cinema watching this movie. My handphone was small, my pants’ pockets were small and it just slipped out.


I missed that phone. It was responsive, it was fast, it could take pics in a sec, watch videos, and man it looks cool. The coolest flip phone in the market at its time. Anyway things looked gloomy at that time but now its all UP and running again


1. Started working in MAS. Even learned to embrace the 1 Malaysia spirit

actually it was nescafe tarik 1….

2. Got a new snazzy uniform too.

3. Went to malacca for lunch and dinner.

teeth rotting goodness mmm…

I still like the normal chicken rice though…

4. Went out wif my “FRIEND” went to watch princess and the frog. It was an okay movie…. not great but at least it beats enchanted….

*sixpence none the richer* SO KISS ME….

5. Finally had the meatballs in IKEA!! and it tasted great.. too bad I had to share it hmmph!!…. haha if she were to read this im dead…



And it all came crashing down ever since……

1. Bought tickets for Storm Warriors. Had to forfeit it (burn Rm11) coz mom was pretty mad at me for obvious reasons. (coming back late from another state + not informing parents = very very very bad idea if ur parents are mine…)

imagine all of this but via the handphone.

the movie which i paid to not see…

2. Lost the coin (the cineleisure ticket) yeah i lost it. and it costs RM30…. fuck me……

3. Got word that ive been chosen for ATR type rating… I wanted a Boeing 737 or any jet engine aircraft.

will explain more in due time…

4. Spilled my lunch all over me and the floor of MHub. (place where I have my lunch)

Yeah things have been going down south really really fast. Hope it all changes for the better. Could really really use some good news


3 Responses to "World’s greatest post"

lol at the mom and the boy. hahahaha!
good things will come Daniel!


The 1st photo looks goood!

Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing many months of hard work due to no backup. Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

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