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first post of 2010

Posted on: March 12, 2010

Yeah i know. Some blogger i turn out to be haha.

I mean its been 3 months since an update and what a hectic 3 months it has been.


Well during the month of january, many days were spent studying in classes and sweating off in the hangars, and i must say i enjoy my time there. No effin roll calls, no effin master parades, no effin nonsense anymore. Its either class or work. Oh and the occasional oral assessments which i dread. There was a highlight in this month. I used my first annual leave to go to Langkawi haha.

The last time i went to langkawi was like god knows how long ago. All i remember was an eagle and awana porto malai. Sadly those were the only 2 landmarks i can recall. But not this time around. The trip too langkawi was a welcome breath of fresh air. I mean i got to do what i love best and that is not studying!! We visited the popular spots, went island hopping, rented a car, and bought duty free chocolates and booze. It couldve been an awesome trip if not for the journey to go there and back. Shyt 4 hours of doing nothing. If thats not bad enough, on the way back for 4 hours we were listening to ne-yo songs coz apparently he was coming down to malaysia.


This was an awesome month. First of there’s the CNY celebrations. Then theres the non stop gorging of food. Then there was the PS3. Oh man a PS-effin-3.

Ive always wanted to get a PS3 but unfortunately there were many reasons why i didnt wanna get it.

1st thing is the price of the games. A PS3 game costs 100++ a piece. The more popular titles cost 100% more. Yeah after buying like wat 8-10 games, u wouldve saved enough money to buy another PS3. Nevertheless most games can be traded, or bought cheaply (2nd hand games) but the issue comes to play if u wanna play a new game. 2nd reason is the fact that some of the games which comes out on the market, are also available on the PC and we all know what that means. Alternative access for the financially handicapped people. or in laymen terms “arrrrr thy mates. tis the plank for ye!!”


Anyway moving back on track, CNY was probably the longest holiday ive ever had. 9 days wei…… Shyt its like semester break for me.Unlike everyone whos living a normal life.

On the first day we had lion dance over at my place. Then we gambled, laughed, took pictures, sweat, screamed and took angpaus. Money + holiday = perfect combination. This went on for the next few days minus the lion dance part.

February was also marred by a horrible horrible heatwave which struck malaysia. Everywhere is so bleepin hot. Why imagine me working inside an aircraft (turkey). Inside the aircraft itself is so hot and stuffy (im the stuffing). Now imagine the hangar, with its steel frame and metallic plates, yeah it looks like an oven isnt it. Yeah the sun acts like the heat, the hangar as an oven and im the stuffing in the big turkey for thanksgiving.


Its the third month of the year and ive been a pretty lazy ass so far. Im way off in my OJT (on job training) schedule. Im far behind from completing my assessment task cards, and im even further behind from my oral assessment. Guess i need something to motivate me, u know to get back in shape. like one of those rocky movies. yeah they always cheer me up.

Anyway my wake up call came in the form of my bro’s SPM results. He didnt do well, so i spent the remainder of the day to comfort and advise my bro. And it made me realise one thing.

It made me realise that. Shyt! Deja vu. That was what happened to me, myself 4 years ago. Now i realise i gotta be hardworking again and start revising stuff. hydraulics, ATA chapters, and all those systems should be at my fingertips. I gotta take the initiative again and not depend on others anymore. If not it’ll be me in my bro’s shoes again. I once was in his position and now he’s repeating it and it showed me that history is repeating itself. Im not going to let it happen again and im going to change starting from…..

well next week perhaps? haha

*there seems to be a problem with the image updating thingy on wordpress* will update soon but knowing me haha…


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