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Yeah i dunno what to put for the title so I think its fitting that u guys/gals can put watever u like.[edit: if u read on, u’ll understand why the title is like that.]

Wow. First word in my head. Wow to how long i haven’t updated this blog of mine haha. Man seriously its been that long huh. Actually these few months have been pretty uneventful in a way. Okay maybe not that uneventful. Loads of stuff happened.

Got a new laptop. Dell Inspiron 14R.Got the blue colour instead. Should’ve gone for the red one. red car, red bag, blue laptop…. =.=”

Thomas Cup was over and just as I and millions of other malaysians predicted, Malaysia lost. BIG SHOCK according to our sports minister. He was shocked that China was good. WTF. China has been mopping malaysia’s ass on the court for since i can remember. Dumbass minister.

Which reminds me. Racial tensions. Yeap. Every year something like this happens. Some minister from somewhere will always forgot to bring his speech or points, from which his secretary spent the whole night writing so that he wouldn’t fuck it all up but eventually did. (nice job) And bcoz of that he has to say watever that is in his mind. BIG MISTAKE. Malay fella kutuk chinese, chinese fella kutuk malay. And here we go again. Malay fellas will use the chinese = immigrant card whereas the chinese use the if it weren’t for us u wouldn’t be living so comfortably card and bla bla bla. But we’re not here to talk about it so let’s stop it there. PS dear ISA. If ur reading this I seriously totally honestly put that statement as a joke and I do not mean any disrespect to whatever races in the country. Pls note also that the omission of the indians from the statement do not support the fact that I am an anti-indian fellow as well.

Everybody graduated. yeah most of em anyways. Some already working. Some still studying. Some still dunno what to do. And as much as it pains me to say it, Some are on Holiday (nooooooooo………. )Which reminds me. the last weeks of April was one of the worst in my life. There was this one week where my entire batch went to pulau perhentian. leaving me alone in the hangars. Now there is a reason that i didnt join them. I got screwed over by my training school. Here’s what happened.

I made plans with my colleagues from another batch. Was planning to go to Phuket. Just as we were about to book our flights and finalize everything. One of my colleagues received a call. Training school has decided to schedule them for a class. And SO COINCIDENTALLY BY SOME DIVINE INTERVENTION OR MIRACLE, They were scheduled to have class on our holiday period. Bloody hell when planning, we ask them got class or not? got class or not? they say no no no. go check timetable. timetable got write anything? no right? then dont have lor… !@#$%^&*() By the time they told us we couldn’t go. My pulau perhentian mates had already set everything up. And unfortunately the flight tickets were already gone.

Feeling down, I thought to myself. Nvm la at least can do oral. So i canceled my leave which i applied for an opt to do some oral-ing. This time i was screwed by the other training school. Assessor went for holiday. Shyt. Everytime the word holiday surfaces, something horrible happens.

So no oral. No holiday. No batch mates to work with. Loneliness follows. Now if u guys have probably read from my pencil case’s keychain, it wrote May fear being alone. And sadly its true. To those who never read my keychain well u have now. Haih. I’ll be honest to everyone. Im not exactly sociable. I mean i try too hard and I always say the wrong things. My mouth opens. The word comes out then the head deciphers it. By then GAME OVER.  The opposite person lost interest in u, doesnt bother and doesnt care. Maybe thats why i like to write. I mean if i make any mistake i get to just highlight it and hit backspace. Of course i tend to ramble a lot and deviate from one thing to another but its how my mind works.

My mind is like this. everytime I think of something i’ll do it. then something else comes up and the old memory is wiped clean. So now u know everytime im thinking of something awesome, something lame comes and fucks it all up. either that or I call it rambling. speaking of which.




okay i cant find the damn video on youtube. Guess ill break it down to u. In this scene of the simpsons, their finale of season 21, Moe joins the american idol judge panel and when it came to ellen’s turn. she begins rambling. So i guess i got the idea from there. Oh it was a funny episode anyway. If u’d like can ask from me.

Well gee what do ya know? loads of stuff did happen. And im not so stressed up anymore haha. I hope u all enjoyed reading this as I did typing it. I know its all words and no pictures but all great stories dont have pictures. IE: harry potter, lord of the rings. Oh wait they have motion pictures…


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