Aim high, Soar high

So there going to be a carnival at Bukit Jalil. And further details can be found here. ——>


There will be loads of stuff to see and play.


okay when i was in korea this was an awesome show. so i would recommend it to anyone who can overlook the steep price.



o.0 games haha



This carnival holds over 60 bazaar booths. You can take a walk along the bazaar and shop for items like household ornaments, clothes, bags, accessories, children clothing, and lots more…
All transactions are made using R.E.A.L. Fun Weekend (RFW) carnival coupons only.


The “Jom Makan-Makan” food bazaar offers many tasty treats to quench your culinary appetite. The vast array of food and beverage booths can cater to various taste buds.


Now besides our “Jom Makan-Makan” food bazaar.
Do you have an appetite for MORE food?
Ever to claim to have an iron stomach that can go on & on?
Dare to challenge you & your buddies to:
• Donut Eating Contest
• Hotdog Eating Contest
• Cupcake Decoration Contest


There will be an exhibition area with a variety of booths by companies such as NTV 7, various NGOs, educational games & toys (Saidina, Lego, Jenga), R.E.A.L Education Group, Cambridge English for Life (CEFL), banks, developers and others.


One of the highlights is the “Mini Zoo Exhibit” whereby Zoo Negara is bringing hedgehogs, tortoises, birds and other animals.


okay i admit i did plagiarised part of it from the website but oh well im just here to promote it. so anybody up for it? can just post a comment in here.


Its already 12.30 am (Thursday July 9th 2009) I spent the last 2 hours doing my homework and revising and now taking a break.


* my friend came to give me back my HDD (hard disk drive)*

~Initially I borrowed to him the HDD to put 3 games. And i only wanted just that 1 game to let off some steam. Some shooting game called Call of Juarez. An interesting FPS (first person shooter) or so i was led to believe. Well what can go wrong eh?…


Tuesday july 7th


My friend V called me out to go for a yumcha session. I asked him to bring the HDD as well. I got to his car and asked him bout the HDD. I asked him how are the games. (he borrowed from another friend of ours) Then all of a sudden he remembered he was supposed to put the games into the HDD. So i knew he definitely didnt put it in.


Yumcha went on as usual. During the last minute we decided to call our friend out at the very very last minute to go out yum cha near his place. So we did. We went on to McD and just hung out and chat and gossip (see even guys do it…)


Wednesday july 8th


My friend V called me sometime during 8pm to say he was going to bring the HDD. I was totally ok. I had some work to do before trying to install any of the new games though. So i patiently did my work and studies. Then the clock struck 12 and i felt i needed a break. I needed to let of some steam by shooting stuff. I plugged in the HDD and look for that one particular game. Nope…. no game.


Now im stuck with this urge to shoot everything on sight just to let off some steam and yet i somehow ended up here in my blog haha.


Thursday july 9th

Oh well. SO now im stuck here not shooting anything (dont get any funny ideas u sick perverted people……) I have test on this Friday and i definitely am damn sure as hell that i am not going to let the same shit that happened in the previous exam to repeat itself.


~ on a different note i went through a few people’s blogs. I see so many people just living their lives. And their lives are pretty well…. pretty compared to mine. [I do understand the fact that life is how u make of it and not by the people around you.(well most of it anyway…)] My point is…. How i wish life isnt as shytty as it already is.


1. Holiday. Everyones having it… wuuuuu


2. Saturday activities have been changed to classes. Its bad enough I have to concentrate 5 days a week but 6? WTF MAN WTF. Oh heres the best part. EVERY SATURDAY HAVE CLASS. Last time, every last saturdays of the month are the day off for us. NOW those who PASS their english have to attend additional technical modular classes (subjects other than english) While those who failed their ENGLISH have the day off on the last saturdays. WTF MAN honestly WTF?!


The reason was coz of this. WE ALL HATE Saturday activities. Past saturday activities have been listening to presentations of “proposal to set up new aviation school” we got pissed, complained and they decided to have classes for us. We sort of dug our own grave……


3. Exams stress. Its July. September is the final of the final exams. Make or break time. I havent even studied seriously yet. Im just lazying around. 9.30-6.30 class sort of kills of all brain cells which are dedicated to studying. Honestly. I have to study 9.30-whatever time i sleep. Fuck man. by 6.30 the brain already dead. Even schooling days i have some time to rest in the afternoon and then continue studying at night.


4. I HAVE HAD IT WITH ASSHOLES WHO COME AND GO AS THEY PLEASE. HONESLTLY, IF ITS THAT HARD TO STAY THERE ALL THE WAY, DONT BOTHER COMING IN THE FIRST PLACE. SOME OF US TOOK THE EFFORT TO COME EARLY AND BRACE THE HORRIBLE SHITTY TIMETABLE. FUCKING Ms…. Suka hati come….. ask people to cover for them la, do this favour la do that. In class like to show off like they are knowledgable and shit. FUCK. Talk like life is HARD. U DONT EVEN KNOW WTF HARD IS…… I have also had it with this asshole that made me drive him around for 3 days so that his fking piece of shit gf can use his bloody fking car. ( I asked him why his gf need his car. So that she can do her stuff which takes 1 day to finish) FUCK MAN….


5. cant think of any for now. Its late and ive been rambling for 1 1/2 hours. am going to continue with studying till 2 or 2.30 i guess.

I guess i kinda owe a lot to this blog. Dunno when was the last post haha. Well things have been pretty busy at my end. Just finished my exams for Maintenance Practise. It was pretty shabby till i reach the last essay paper.


For once, I was pretty confident i could answer anything the examiner board could throw at me. Little did i know they ask me about something where nobody in my class has or had learned before. So technically our whole class is screwed. If the instructor had at least taught us before then we could still answer but then in our case, we were f**ked.


We asked our instructor “hey what gives?” <— were not exact words.

He said he didnt set the question. He set questions based on what he taught us. So we all pointed our attention the the stupid chief examiner. First off all our exams were delayed. 1 reason was bcoz of Friday’s prayers while rumours state that she lost our examination questions……. If it was the 2nd reason then we know already. She mustve replaced the questions with her own homemade questions.


Anyway moving on.


Yesterday was Hari’s birthday. Went out to Summit and eat at some thai restaurant. Then headed to Euphoria. It was a pretty darn cool place. Cold, in-house music and really nice ambience. Oh it was a NO SMOKING club. Awesome.


Pictures all waiting for Fb to upload. (all pics from friends…)

although i dont recall taking any photos in Ministry of sound though…


So got back late from MOS and went to sleep…….


till 1pm where i was woken up by a phone call.

“hello where are u?” J

“er….. wait. *checks clock* oh shyt……” me


haha i was supposed to go for cheer 2009 with my cousin. My cousin is with Brats (bright roving annoying teens) and her assignment was the National cheer finals haha. Cool eh?


Anyway here are the pics.


05-07-09_1501Dunno which school. The uniform is like the champion one so i think its the champions. Blitzers or something like that.


 So many colous. (each colour represent a certain faction)


 Me, and my cousin. the fellas at the back are supporters. notice the green supporters behind?



Damn gila semangat one the green fellas.


The stadium was at full house

05-07-09_1506 Just cheer it.



Some minister also came. Menter sukan and something. He was sitting at the stands (on the left side of the guy-manning-the-camera’s head). 


People dancing to the YMCA


The BRATS station

05-07-09_1627 More YMCA… or was it the wave…

Later, we went to pyramid to have dinner and then we played and lepak for awhile before heading back home. Hehe.

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001. Real name: Daniel Sim Lim Kit

002. Nickname(s): damniel(game), velvettears (game), unnamed (game), nonam (game), denial, cow, ngau kor, big bird (cousins), danny boy, dan,

003. Age: 20 (going to be 21)

004. Horoscope: Libran!

005. Male or Female: Guy

006. Elementary: Sekolah kebangsaan seafield (1), Sekolah kebangsaan seri selangor

007 Middle School: SMK USJ 12

008. High School: Aik…. SMK USJ 12 again i guess…

009. College school: UTAR (PJ) 2006, METC (2006-2009)

010. Hair colour: Black

011. Long or short: Medium

012. Loud or Quiet: Quiet at times, when out wif frens will become noisy

013. Sweats or Jeans: Jeans

014. Phone or Camera: A phone with camera!

015. Health freak: Will eat everything, and work out at the gym, and i dont smoke.

016. Drink or Smoke: All tried before. didnt like either

017. Do you have a crush on someone: Hmm…….. not right now

018. Eat or Drink: MAKAN!

019. Piercings: 1-1 = 0

020. Tattoos: none….. yet

021. Social or Anti-Social: SOCIAL

022. Righty or Lefty: Righto

023. First piercing: To be confirmed

024. First relationship: Nvr had

025. First Best Friend: Cva

026. First Award: Standard 2, dunno some sukaneka nonsense

027. First Kiss: Given by my old friend

028. First Pet: A dog given to my uncle (Daisy RIP)

029. First Big Vacation: Thailand i guess. (all the old photos also shows that)

030. First Love at First Sight: Form 1. WWW <—– abbreviation

031. First Big Birthday: Err. Standard something.

032. First Surgery: Dont have

033. First sport you joined: Pepsi Cola or Ice and water or Police and thief

034. Orange or Apple Juice: Oren

035. Rock or Rap: Whichever that gives a nice tune

036. Country or Screamo: Refer to 35.

037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: Backstreet boyz

038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: Circus girl

039. Night or Day: Night

040. Sun or Moon: Moon

041. TV or Internet: Internet. TV onli for football

042. Playstation or xbox: Sony boy

043. Kiss or hug: How bout both?

044. Iguana or turtle: Iguana. cooler

045. Spider or bee: Neither?

046. Fall or spring: Nvr experienced either. Only summer

047. Limewire or iTunes: Ares!!

048. Soccer or baseball: Manchester United fan

049. Eating: Everything delicious

050. Drinking: Anything but liquor

051. Excitement level: CRAZEEEEEE

052. I’m about to: Read somemore

053. Listening to: The sound my aircon makes when its in swing mode

054. Plan for today: Study somemore

055. Waiting for: This quiz to finish

056. Energy level: Depleting…

057. Thinking of someone: Of myself in the future

058. Want kids: Not now

059. Want to get married: Of course

060. When: Im financially and mentally ready

061. How many kids do you want: As many as I can haha

062. Any name in mind: Dunno yet.

063. What did you want to be when you were little: Policeman or Fireman

064. Careers in mind: Something to do with aviation

065. Mellow future or wild: Not boring

066. Something you would never try: Eat shit (literally)

067. When do you want to die: When ive done everything in the world

Which is better in the boy/girl you like (in the future)

068. Lips or Eyes: Eyes

069. Romantic or Funny: BOTH!

070. Shorter or Taller: Almost same height

071. Protective or Caring: Both

072. Romantic or Spontaneous: BOTH

073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Both!

074. Sensitive or Loud: More sensitive than loud

075. Hooked-up or Relationship: The answer with ship.

076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant: Spontaneous!

077. Muscular or Normal: Thin, slim, sexy

078. Kissed a stranger: I would, if its a hawt girl

079. Broken a bone: Never

080. Lost glasses or contacts: Lost both before

081. Ran away from home: Kinda wished though

082. Held a gun/knife for self defense: Virtually

083. Killed somebody: Virtually

084. Broken someone’s heart: Definitely yes. ( : im a heartbreaker, im a heartbreaker, Kanye West: how could u be so heartless?)

085. Had your heart broken: Daniel beddingfield (if ur not for me then why do i dream of u as my wife?)

086. Been arrested: Monopoly? yes…

087. Cried when someone died: Yes. Who wouldnt

088. Liked a friend more than a friend: U gotta start somewhere

089. Yourself: Quite bland but am trying to change it

090. Miracles: I need a big one for september

091. Love at first sight: I do believe in it

092. Heaven: Im going there

093. Santa Claus: Still exists!!

094. Tooth fairy: She owes me money…

095. Kiss in the first date: I dont kiss and tell hehe.

096. Angels: & demons?

Answer Truthfully.

097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: I want to, i just need to know who she is

098. Happy with where you’re in life now?: Nope. Things will change soon

099. Do you believe in God?: Does buddhist people believe in god>?

100. Post as 100 truths and tag 6 people.


-Bernice (coz u like tags), Chin Ying (take a break), Stephen (saja), Keith (coz u still read my blog), Ewin (same as keith), LWK (coz ur free now) & to everyone that reads this!!

Yesterday (friday) yew siong called me out to go yum cha (drink tea… literally). So there were about a few people that actually went. Theres Alfred, Adeline C, Yoke pui, yew siong and me.


First we drank at the mamak then went on to play pool at racks. Played like shyt, went back to yew siong’s house to play mahjong and also play like shyt. Haha. anyway i got home quite late, at around 3.30. Went there to comfort our dear friend. (he joined the singles club)


Anyway at 11.30am (saturday), mom woke me up and asked me to get ready to go to the temple. It was wesak day and we were supposed to go to the temple and pray. So off we went to chetawan temple (i still cant get the name right) Its near La Salle and Assunta school.


So here are a few pics.


  cups with yellow and red oil and wicks


upon purchasing (donating) the cups, u get to put ur family name


more of em


and theres more


buddha statue wif lights haha


loads of devotees


heres 2 monks blessing wallets, talismans and devotees


devotees (at the back) waiting for this session to finish to be blessed next


i honestly cant sit there for a few hours doing the same thing non-stop


devotees lining up to wash the statue of buddha


notice a smaller statue of buddha beside the big one (for kids)




looks like giving buddha a refreshing nice cup of water

So all in all the ceremonies were kept short. We just went to all the praying areas, put some flowers, donated and got blessed, unlike kev who definitely have loads to tell haha.

Well its been awhile since i last updated. I guess its my turn to break the cycle.

Things started quite badly for the week. On monday… my training manager came into class and gave us a warning. A warning that by thursday, he will give us 150 questions. Covering modules 1-11 (from math to airframe). to make matters worse there will be another 150 on friday. Then… he will give us a 1 on 1 oral examination.

Oh the passing mark is 100% haha….

He also said if wrong, got negative marking. if never answer no points. If we answer correctly, he will send us thru the first level of hell during the oral examination. If we dont answer we get the 2nd level of hell. If we got it wrong, we will be sent thru the 6th level of hell.

Its tuesday and i havent even started anything….. im doomed.

The day started very very well.

11.00pm(Sunday 5th April 2009) Football time and it couldnt get any better at first…


It was football time, and that meant man united were playing. And they were playing a tough and strong team. It was 2nd vs 5th and its a must win match for both teams. So to sum it all up…


Man united 1 – 0 Aston villa (yay)

Poor AV player did a backpass (a defender can return the ball to the keeper with his feet, but keeper cannot touch it wif his hand) Ronaldo stepped up and scored yay.


Man United 1 – 1 Aston Villa (oh noes…)

Sucky defending lead to a great cross and a mediocre goal. Stupid neville, stupid o shea, stupid evra, stupid evans


Man United 1 – 2 Aston Villa (shyt wtf)

Even suckier defending led to probably one of the easiest goals in the game. Everybody was stunned (MU fans). It was Deja Vu,


Man United 2 – 2 Aston Villa (hua hua hua)

United were down, lead is gone, title hopes almost faded…. then along came Ronaldo as he drilled his second goal for the home crowd driving everyone crazy. Turning point of the game….


Man United 3 – 2 Aston Villa (OMFG OMFG OMFG)

United decided to gamble. If going to lose or draw at least let some new kid play. Great chance for a debut, and that damn kid actually did it, Great control of the ball, great composure, great kick, great goal, great kid. Home crowd errupted (i jumped off the couch)


Whistle blows (end of match) …… (OMFG OMFG OMFG)

GAME OVER hua hua hua…


Finally la, after seeing MU lose twice, 3 weeks of getting showered by boos and jeers from all non-Mu fans. Its great to have finally won something. Damn liverpool cut off the lead and MU had managed to gain back it’s rightful position.


I had a great night’s sleep.


Woke up bla bla bla


Went to college and actually did work.


Really liked the new instructor. Doesnt blabber around and doesnt annoy/ irritate us.


Went to One Utama after work. BEST PART – NO JAM. I was driving on LDP at around 6.45-7.00 no jam wei all the way to One Utama. I was like wtf man, this day is awesome. Parking was easy too.


Went to look for my hp shop (sent my hp for warranty..)

Sometime ago, my hp gave some probs with the camera quality. Pictures became screwed up and i decided to use the warranty. Unfortunately, the shop i sent to was in 1 Utama. So i try to limit driving there unless i have a purpose.


So there were a few things i am pissed with the shop.


1st- the phone came back with 2 defects on its appearance. My touchscreen hp had its screen protector damaged. The back of the handphone had its skin peeled off. I sent the phone in perfect mint condition. And the idiot said its not his fault but rather the service centre’s fault. So i was like GO AND CALL the service centre. He told me its closed….


2nd – I asked him to put back a new screen protector and change the back casing for me. He had the nerve to charge me for it. I was standing there explaining to him that: I sent the hp to him to fix the camera. The camera came back but other parts were damaged. So i told him, IS IT MY FAULT ITS DAMAGED? I sent to u in perfect mint condition, No bleeping scratches, no delamination and etc. I took care of the phone really well. The phone came back damaged and now i had to pay for some idiots fault (shop or service centre) He said he will call the service centre but i dunno what the hell is he going to do. Something tells me im still going to have to fork out cash. I asked him how much screen protector, he told me 20. Then he said “For u i charge 15” I was like WTF…. U damage my hp and ask me to pay for it?



was just testing out the camera (it worked fine)




The idiot in charge of my hp.




somebody who is equally pissed as i am.


So i went off with my poor poor hp, and went to eat. I was feeling very hungry and decided to have something full. So i went to the directory and found Carl’s Junior. Best burgers in town man. Can rival the local Ramlee burger stalls.



MMM…. Objects in camera are usually smaller than they appear.


Okay so this is when i had a free carl’s jr burger. I went and order a SUPER STAR burger (2 huge juicy, succulent beef patties, with layers of cheese, onions, vege, and buns) As soon as i got the order i got sauce for the fries, had the fries and drink.


The moment i opened the burger, i thought the burger looked funny. It was white and red in colour. So i was thinking, is this beef? I looked at it, didnt look like beef. i smelled it, didnt smell like beef, i bit it, didnt taste like a fking beef. I went to the fella and asked the guy what burger is this.


Staff: yes?

Me: er… is this the SUPER STAR burger?

Staff: yes…

me: is this beef?

Staff: er… wait let me check. er….. no its chicken

Me: isnt SUPER STAR, beef?

Staff: Yeah but we ran out of beef.

Me: so u replaced mine with chicken?

Staff: yeah. but dont worry SAME PRICE.

Me: but BEEF and CHICKEN DIFFERENT TASTE. u couldve told me u ran out of beef.

Staff: oh sorry sir.

Me: so….? the least u couldve done was told me no more beef.

Staff: er…..

Me: So i can i get a refund?


Staff went and call the manager.


Me: No more beef ar?

Manager: Nope, all out. Sorry sir, my staff forgot.

Me: aiyo couldve told me ma no more beef. I couldve ordered something else.

manager: so do u want a refund?

Me: yeah of course. (I want a damn beef burger but all i got was a lousy tasteless chicken)


The manager, gave me my refund, and the tasteless burger. Okay at least if the burger tasted great, then it would be a terrific free burger. It wasnt. Its like those chicken patties, they fry and play around for a while then serve to the customer. No taste.


So there u have it a long post after a while. haha.    

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