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Well the new year started off with a bang. Or maybe its bcoz i just watched this show called “YES Man” Its an interesting movie first of all. Its nice its hillarious and it really opened up my eyes. I have missed out so much in life all coz i said NO way to many times. So it kept me thinking that maybe perhaps i should change, to be more of a YES man.


And so far saying YES has pretty much helped me. I got to meet up with all of my old friends, made new and more interesting people, i learnt a few things about the world and people around me, and most importantly i leant to live my life. 


So the new year started off nicely, During new year’s, i went and stayed over at my cousin’s place and got to bond wif my cousins. They are all friendly and fun people so i enjoyed my time to the max there.  


Then sometime in the middle of january, there was this exam, and since i actually studied, it was no problem. Friends called me out to play some cards and i won on 2 occasions. Then…….. suddenly out of no where it went downhill all the way.


First, girl problem. There was this girl and there was this boy, they both ended up in some complicated matters and now they’re friends. Yeah just great aint it? (it has something to do with the sad hamster post)


 Okay so personal life aside, now we welcome the sweetest of news, the college life. It all started with the chinese new years holiday, while everyone is having 1 week holiday, i was given 2 days. I had to report back to coll on wednesday which was yesterday. Okay so a little inconsiderate on the holidays but its ok…..


Then came an even worse news, Guess what from next week onwards till i graduate my new time table is 9.30am – 6.30pm. Okay…….. so now its pretty much worse since now i am back to facing the traffic problem and also now i cant sleep late and i have to wake up early.


Then came the worst news of all. Now we have to cram all the remainder of my subjects to this last few months till september, and not to mention to finish up my practical hours which amounts to impossible. I have to re-read all of my books which contains 3 years worth of info for the ultimate final exams and also prepare for oral examination which also comprises of 3 years of info and not to mention finish up my practical hours within this 7 gruelling months. Life suddenly became swell aint it.


I prayed i have to strength to overcome all of life’s challenges no matter how tough it is. I really hope it works…. oh well i guess i have no choice but to continue on living. I really hope all this suffering pays off too. If the college administration scews up their end of the bargain, there is officially no god in this world.


I was pretty pissed when i checked my drafts and found nothing. Yeah i typed wat looked like an essay and even took the effort to put pictures in it. And its all gone….. man o man. i spent the entire night writing it. and i was hoping to post it. o well guess theres no choice then. Ill have just have to re-edit and rewrite it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________


Goodbye seat bay! yay! haha goodbye to all those godforsaken seats and goodbye to gluing, the velcro, the cushion, covers, heavy metal tracks, and goodbye to walking.


So guess where was i stationed? I was stationed at the Hangar maintenance line 07. Each line has an aircraft. And mine happened to have a MAS aircraft. BOEING 747-400. which would look like this.


The rough view of how big it is. Its given in metres so u guys/gals can guess how big it is. 2nd largest commercial aircraft u know. don play play.


so thats the interior layout.


owh yeah before that i must tell u that most of the pictures are well taken from the web. I couldnt take pictures of the aircraft due to 2 things. My hp’s camera is f**ked and this.



On our first day there, the aircraft was stuck outside. undergoing a defuelling procedure and we were jus walking up and down the aircraft. When we asked if we could go inside the aircraft, the guy said yeah y not. So up we went. we went through the nose landing gear. (there werent any aero-bridge or one of those trucks which has stairs on its back.


i guess it shouldve been “we emerged from there” if it was the old post, it wouldve made perfect sense. By the way thats at the first class seat area. When we got in there it was messy. Imagine rubbish all over the place. Seats taken out. Wires and cables dangling all over the place and what makes it worse was that there weren’t any air cond. It was 12-1, and we were in a metal bird with no aircond, and it wasnt raining. As soon as we got on, we were like “damn”


we head on to the upper deck and just looked around. There were lots of instruction manuals all over the place. They were manuals on how to use the business class seat. (there are lots of nifty functions, like massaging, recline, and adjustments to the head, back and legs) Then we headed on to the cockpit.


Okay it looks like this. Honestly thats it. Its actually very small. Most to most can fit 3 fellas comfortably. Then there is a place where the pilot or co-pilot sleep (the bunk) right behind the left seat.


Other than that we head on to the cabin crew bunk. thats where the stewards and stewardess sleep, rest, chat, f**k, and screw around. 


The cabin crew bunk is located at the back of the aircraft. (if u look at the interior layout of the aircraft u can see that the arrow is showing where it is) 10 people can fit in here. 8 beds and 2 chairs. unless the bed has 2 fellas den well i guess can fit more people.


Inside the fuselage i kept thinking of all the boeing 747 movies out there like this one.


Weird isnt it. I kept thinking of how harrison ford escaped from the terrorists and fought them. And i was pretty amazed since in the movie the 747 seemed a lot bigger. Bear in mind that the aircraft i went in was almost completely empty and yet i keep wondering how come in that movie the aircraft interior was like super huge. 



to be continued**





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