Aim high, Soar high

the blogger

Hmm whats there to know about me?




daniel = da niao = big bird


1. Im a dude, not a dudette


2. Pretty shy


3. Can be very ignorant or oblivious to things but am changing that.


4. Hates to be alone


5. Can keep a secret


6. Is an engineering student


7. Manchester United supporter,      glory-glory-man-united!!


8. Enjoys all kinds of sports.


9. Suck in all kinds of sports….


10. Wants to travel around the world backpacking with his buddies.


11. Wants a girlfriend to share his undying love….  <—— not bad eh…

12. Wants to go rock climbing


13. Wants to go surfing


14. Wants to go snorkelling


15. Wants to drive a toyota celica


16. Wants to go to Old Trafford (Manchester United’s home ground)


17. Wants more money!!


18. If i have a baby girl, she is goin to be a singer, If i have a baby boy, he is going to play football (thx to Munirul for this wonderful eye opening statement)


19. Wants a super computer


20. Wants to learn to swim


21. Wants to go clubbing


22. Wants to go clubbing for real


23. Wants to play baseball


24. Wants to play paintball


25. Er to be updated i guess?


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your rambles are interesting lol

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